Carrie’s not so crazy! Turns out her and Sal have had a plan all along. Carrie’s next objective is to find out more about this swanky lawyer who has Iranian contacts. In the end of the episode Carrie shows up at Sal’s place but we find out that they’ve been in contact all along and have this idea…like they always do. It’s Sal and Carrie against the world. Whatever happened to Abu Nazir?

Meanwhile, Dana runs off with her crazy boyfriend. He escapes from the asylum and runs into Dana’s awaiting car. Then they decide to sell Dana’s moms car and trade it in for an older beaten up Honda. Later, we find out that the boyfriend’s file had been covered up. He was admitted into a psychiatric facility because he murdered his brother…his brother didn’t commit suicide, contrary to what he’s been telling Dana. Right because we all believed he was a good person?

And that’s about it - no Brody this time. See how fast we can wrap things up?