I have a question to ask all of the readers of this column. Do we really have Hollywood stars or real actors that we had in the past? Gone are the days when studios had an iron claw on the stars and being a celebrity actually meant something.

Yes, today we still have a handful of Academy Award winning movie stars such as Meryl Streep, George Clooney, Tom Hanks, and Clint Eastwood. We don’t have stars like Steve McQueen, James Dean or an Audrey Hepburn. But that's on the big screen.

Today, television is packed with reality shows that makes us lose brain cells and it seems like we become dumber after each one. We have different shows each year with players who try to get a record deal, win a date, lose 100s of pounds, drink, and act like idiots. Some of these people are getting $100,000 dollars an episode (we're talking about you, "Jersey Shore"). Are they serious? MTV is paying those losers that much? Soon, MTV will become the network of "Jersey Shore" TV!

MTV is not the only network that has stepped away from its original business plan. Entertainment Television, best known as E!, is becoming the Kardashian television network, adding more and more shows devoted to that family. What is wrong with entertainment? HELL, WHAT’S WRONG WITH THIS WORLD??

Now, it seems like out of the 500 channels available on cable 450 of them have reality shows on them from "The Biggest Loser," "The Real World" (pick your city), "True Beauty," "Shedding for the Wedding," and "The Swan" to other shows devoted to making imperfections disappear.

Lets not forget "Survivor," "Amazing Race" and other shows where you actually, to some degree, need a brain to get to the winners circle. Even these shows make it a point of having alliances and then stabbing those who trust you in the back as many castmates on "Survivor" have done. At one point they had a show devoted just to ruining relationships and making sure you stabbed people in the back. Do you remember "Temptation Island?" The men and women where split up and were hit on by beautiful women or men to see if they would cheat. I’m not sure what makes me more sick, that people sign up for this or that we watch these shows each and every week.

The stars are no longer stars, and TV is full of brainless garbage. I believe it’s very similar when some women hate Howard Stern and Tom Leykis. The people that hate them tune in daily to complain about what these shock jocks are talking about. Love them or hate them, if you listen or watch you’re just making them stronger. As long as 13 million people tune in to watch each week, networks will continue to produce this garbage. It’s a lot cheaper to produce reality TV then another episode of "Law and Order" or any of the "NCIS" and "CSI."

Reality television even has its own convention called Reality Rocks. It recently took over the Los Angeles Convention Center, and I learned that a television network is going to be dedicated just to reality television.  At this show, the biggest presence was the people auditioning to become the next big reality performer.

Being a star used to be something you earned because you had talent and it was something you worked up to becoming. It wasn’t something you where called after sleeping with enough guys on a reality show or being able to chug a beer in a record time or to become pregnant at 16. What kind of morals does that show have? Glorifying a 16 year old kid getting pregnant? Now, I’m sure some 16 year old kid in this country, hell, there’s probably MANY, who are saying to themselves, “Maybe I’ll get pregnant so I can be on my favorite show!” What a world.

You don’t need to have any special skills, or work your ass off to make it to the big time. Gone are the days when studios had contract stars and being a star was glamours. In 2011 you don’t have to work for it. You only have to act like an idiot or see if you can fall in love with that one guy who may or may not give you a rose. You don’t have to have any talent at all except being attractive enough to where guys want to meet and date you.

The million dollar question now is how on earth did we go from respecting a guy named James Dean to loving a girl named Snooki!?!? Unfortunately, I don’t see the state of entertainment improving any time soon. All I can say is how sad is that.

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