Ben-Hur (1925)

Ben-Hur was a Roman Era drama, starring Ramon Novarro as Judah Ben-Hur, a Jewish citizen of Rome who is arrested and betrayed by his childhood friend, the Tribune Messala. After being sent off to row on a Roman Galley for years, Ben-Hur meets Jesus, and saves the Roman Admiral from drowning when the galley is sunk. 

The Admiral takes Ben in and teaches him how to race chariots. As it turns out, Ben is a natural. In the last Chariot race, Ben races against Messala and proves victorious. However, there is also a most unfortunate part to this scene. A stuntman tragically died when the wheel of his chariot broke during the filming. He was dragged underneath several horses and run over by several other actors chariots. However, despite all that, at the request of his widow, the scene still made it into the film.

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