A movie set is a dangerous place. It's littered with explosives, and pyrotechnics, fast cars, lots of sharp objects, and all sorts of other things that may  cause severe bodily harm if not used by trained hands. However, no matter how skilled the staff may be, sometimes accidents happen. Most of the time they are minor cuts and bruises, but sometimes, something really debilitating, and tragic befalls the folks on set.

Here  are  Hollywood's most cringe-worthy on-set accidents through the years.

 The Warrens Of Virginia(1924)

The Warrens of Virgina was a civil war love story about a southern Union soldier (Wilfred Lytell) who goes off to fight the Confederate menace, leaving his love behind due to her allegiance to the south. Despite this, when he finds himself badly wounded on the field of battle, his southern bell saves him, despite her allegiance, hitting home the point that love conquers all.

Unfortunately, Martha Mansfield, who had played the part of the lover named Agathe and had just finished her final scene, was lit on fire when someone tossed a match on the set, setting her Civil War era hoopskirt dress on fire. She suffered severe burns, and tragically passed away the next  day.