The autumn of break-ups came to a close on last night’s all-new HIMYM.  Previously, Quinn and Barney had called of their engagement and Victoria decided she couldn’t be with Ted if Robin was still a part of his life. 

That left Nick and Robin as the last surviving couple.  Things were seemingly going great, until Nick pulled his groin playing basketball with the guys.  With Nick sidelined from sex due to the injury, Robin began to realize the attraction may have been purely physical.  When Robin asked the group if they thought Nick was dumb, they went through an amusing reel of flashbacks revealing Nick’s stupidity.

“What’s a four letter word for cut?”



“No, it’s a four letter word for cut.”

“What is?”


“Yeah, I’m right here.”

Robin knows she should end it, but can’t bring herself to do it.  Barney pulls out a rather Stinson-esque ploy of threatening to send Robin’s co-worker Patrice an invite to a “BFF fun day” with Robin.  Robin invites Nick to a dessert place appropriately named “Splitsville,” intending to finally break it off.  Again, she can’t bring herself to do it.  Then, Barney shows up unannounced, and professes his love to Robin.  “I am hopelessly, irretrievably in love with her, more than she knows,” Barney confesses.  Nick leaves heartbroken (on the arms of another girl that was just dumped). 

The speech was very powerful, and very likely how Barney actually feels.  However, he tries to brush it off, saying that he should get the Oscar for best fake love speech.  Robin says, “You were very convincing,” and they share a long lingering look.  The moment is interrupted, though, by a phone call from Patrice.  Apparently Barney never canceled the invite.

This was a very Robin centric episode, but I thought it was done very well.  It was written by long time staff writer Steven Lloyd, author of such classic episodes as “Brunch” and “Intervention.”  This was clearly the tipping point where Barney and Robin start falling back together.  I expect a lot of the rest of this season to focus on this storyline.  Unfortunately for Ted, he will have to wait until Barney and Robin’s wedding to finally find the one, and any romantic entanglements between now and then will just be more bumps along the way.

The legend continues Monday at 8/7c on CBS.