How I Met Your Mother returned last night with “Knight Vision.”  The longest weekend in history picked back up at 9pm on Friday night.  Barney and Ted are at the bar at the inn discussing which girl Ted should go after.  Barney says that at a weekend wedding, who you talk to on Friday night sets the tone for the whole trip.  Barney picks out Ted’s top three prospects:  Sophia, Robin’s college roommate Cassie, daughter of Barney’s mom’s best friend, and Grace, one of Barney’s co-workers.  Barney says that he should choose Sophia, but Ted instead chooses Cassie.  In an Indiana Jones reference, a knight appears and says, “You chose poorly.”

Meanwhile, Lily is introducing herself to Reverend Lowell, the officiate for the wedding played by Edward Hermann.  Rev. Lowell asks Lily about how she and Marshall met, and she tells the story that we all know well about how they met in college.  The Reverend gives her a strange look.  It turns out that Barney and Robin had stolen Lily and Marshall’s story and passed it off as their own when the Reverend had asked them the same question. 

Marshall is still driving cross country with Daphne.  She asks Marshall the burning question:  How will he broach the subject of becoming a judge?  Daphne runs through the scenario with Marshall, and it does not seem like it will end well.  Lily was really looking forward to continuing her dream job as an art consultant in Italy.  Is Marshall saying that his dream job as a judge is more important?  While Marshall is out pumping gas, Daphne steals Marshall’s phone and sends Lily a text about the judgeship offer.  He won’t be able to dance around the subject any longer.

Barney and Robin meet with Rev. Lowell in his office.  He decides that he is done putting up with their lying, and will not be the officiate at their wedding, and that they cannot use his church either.  They are shocked.  All of their friends and family are already here.  What are they supposed to do?  In a turn of events, Rev. Lowell croaks right there in his desk chair.  The church is still theirs, but they will need a new officiate.

Back at the inn, Ted’s decision to go after Cassie indeed proves to be a poor one.  Cassie turns out to be an emotional wreck.  She says that her car was recently stolen, that she has been fired from her job, and she also runs into her old boyfriend having a good time.  Ted tries to switch to someone else, but Lily walks up to Ted and says that everyone is talking about Ted and Cassie being a cute couple.  Barney was right.  Who Ted had chosen to talk to the Friday night of the wedding weekend had set the tone for the whole trip.  However, older Ted points out that if he had chosen someone else he may have hit it off with them and then never met the mother.  So, in a way, perhaps he did choose wisely.

I’m kind of torn about this episode.  There was plenty to like and plenty to not like as well.  Watching Ted go into single guy mode when he is supposedly hours away from meeting his future wife was kind of strange.  I love Anna Camp, but her character Cassie was such a downer that it was hard to enjoy.  The running bit with the knight was funny.  Daphne’s role play with Marshall going over the situation was fun, but now that conversation will be completely different since Daphne sent that text.  Edward Hermann was great as Rev. Lowell.  Am I supposed to be happy that he is dead?  It solves all of Barney and Robin’s problems, but it seems a bit morbid to happy about it.  Although, I did enjoy the “wedding at Bernie’s” joke.  Cristin Milioti was once again absent for the fifth straight week.

The episode was written by long time staff writer Chris Harris.  He is now credited for as lead or co-writer on 19 episodes including first season gems “Okay Awesome” and “Mary the Paralegal.”  He is certainly familiar with the entire series, and always finds new ways to have fun with the charachters.  I especially liked the bizzarro world flashbacks of seeing the characters tell the story of how they met in last night’s episode. 

Next week will be a ghost themed episode for Halloween week.  The legend continues Mondays at  8/7c on CBS.