'How I Met Your Mother' returned last night after a short hiatus due to the NCAA tournament.  It came back with a quick shocker.  The Captain calls Lily and tells her that he is moving to Rome for a year and that he wants her to come with him.  Lily took the job as the Captain’s art consultant a few weeks ago.  She is immediately torn.  When she calls Marshall to talk about it, he talks about how he is swamped at work.  She decides that she can’t rip Marshall away from his dream job and turns down the Captain’s offer.

Meanwhile, Ted and Barney are at the bar.  Barney was just about to leave when Ted recognizes a girl that walks into MacLaren’s.  He claims that the girl was in his yoga class and that she has a “redonkulous” body.  However, the girl is wearing a big coat which she doesn’t take off, leaving the body hidden. 

Later, Lilly decides to surprise Marshall at work and gets a surprise of her own.  The office is mostly empty.  It turns out Honeywell & Cootes was actually not doing much business, and Marshall is the only remaining associate employee.  He said he didn’t want Lily to see him as a failure.  She then reveals the job offer from the Captain, and Marshall is a lot more excited about it than Lily expected.  Marshall vows to talk to the Captain and get him to reoffer the job.

Barney has gone into classic Barney mode and paid the bartender to turn up the heat in hopes of getting the girl to take off her jacket.  Robin walks in the bar, and it would appear that the party is over.  Then unexpectedly Robin hugs this girl.  How do they know each other?  The two of them walk over to the booth and Robin introduces Liddy as their new wedding planner.  When Liddy goes to the bathroom, Robin asks them why they are acting so weird.  They confess that they know that Liddy has a “redonkulous” body and they were trying to get her to take the coat off.  Robin says that she had been curious too because she had always been wearing the coat.  She says that she probably has WBDs: weapons of bra destruction.   When asked why they don’t just ask her to take the coat off, they claim that they have “the stink.”  It’s something all men have when they want a woman to do something just because they are trying to get in their pants.  When Liddy returns, Barney just decides to ask her to take her coat off, and she does.  Barney realizes that since he is with Robin now, he doesn’t have the stink anymore.

The Captain calls up Lily a second time, saying that Marshall had talked to him and that she wanted to reconsider.  However, Lily turns down the job again.  It cuts to a clip of Marshall walking through Little Italy, pretending to be a true Italian.  He receives a text saying Lily turned it down again.  When Marshall gets back to the place, Lily is out on the steps, and confesses that she is scared.  In a very Marshall moment, he uses the only phrases he knows in Italian to pretend to give a heart-warming speech.  They decide that they will take this new life adventure together.

This episode was just OK.  There were some great moments like the speech by Marshall.  There were subtitles on the screen so the home audience knew what he was saying, and since Marshall and Lily have a history of telepathic communication on the show, it made perfect sense that Lily understood.  Lily referenced a new Shake Shack on their block with no lines as a reason not to move.  Anyone who has spent some time in New York knows how good Shake Shack is and how long you usually have to wait for your burger and milkshake.   I am a bit annoyed that we didn’t actually get to see the “redonkulous” body.  They just had her start to take the coat off and then showed all of their reactions.  How hard could it be to find a wanna-be actress with an amazing body for a bit part like this?  The whole premise of Lily and Marshall moving to Italy with a one year-old seems a bit outlandish, but I suppose it does add another facet to the end run of the series.  Will they leave and come back for the wedding?  Or will the reception include a teary send-off for Lily and Marshall?

Just three episodes left in season 8.  HIMYM is off next week (again?) so the legend continues Mon Apr 29th at 8/7c on CBS with “The Bro Mitzvah.”