How I Met Your Mother wrapped up its seventh season in a two-part finale on Monday night.  Last week, Marshall was getting really stressed out about becoming a father.  To take his mind off things, Barney took Marshall down to Atlantic City.  Unfortunately, Lily goes into labor a month early.  Barney and Marshall are stuck in AC too inebriated to get home.

Eventually Barney and Marshall find a bus going to “New York.” When they finally sober up, they realize that their bus is in fact going to Buffalo, NY.  The guys explain the situation to the bus driver, but he says he isn’t allowed to stop unless it’s an emergency.  After hearing the story, a few senior citizens on the bus begin to fake a heart attack and say that they must see their doctor at the hospital Lily is at.

Finally, Marshall makes it to the hospital just in time to see the birth of his son.  “Hey, Lily.  Just one thing,” Marshall says.  “I may have promised Barney that he got me here in time that he would get to pick out the middle name.  It’s Waitforit.”  “I’m waiting,” Lily replies.  “The name is Waitforit, Marvin Waitforit Eriksen.”  “That is… the coolest middle name of all time!” says Lily.

In part two of the finale, Ted tries once again to find his destiny.  Robin points out that the only girl he ever dated that wanted the things that he wanted was Victoria.  Ted decides to call her up and she says that she wants to meet him at McLaren’s.  To Ted’s surprise, Victoria shows up in a wedding dress.

Meanwhile, Barney and Quinn are going on a getaway to Hawaii.  The trip hits a snag when the TSA doesn’t want to let a magic trick that Barney packed through security.  They say that they’ll let it through if he reveals its secrets, but Barney says that would be against the Magician’s Code.  Most of the magic tricks that Barney does are actually performed by Neil Patrick Harris.  He is an accomplished magician and is a member of LA’s Magic Castle. 

Back at MacLaren’s, it turns out that Victoria has run out on her wedding to Klaus.  She asks Ted if he wants to run away together.  At first he is unsure, but then he agrees to go.  Once they get in the car, Victoria asks where they should go?

When the agents bring Barney and Quinn into a back room, Barney decides he must perform the trick.  It turns out the whole thing is just an elaborate proposal plan.  A sprouting flower inside the box has an engagement ring on it.  Barney proposes to Quinn and she says yes.

It has to be difficult, but back in the car Ted makes the honorable choice and says that they should drive to Victoria’s wedding.  Ted had been left at the altar before, and he couldn’t do that to someone else.  Right?  When they get to the church, Ted changes his mind again and keeps on driving.

Finally, we get the promised flash forward to Barney’s wedding.  Barney finally found the woman he wants to settle down with.  “Man a lot of crazy stuff has led up to this point huh?” Ted says to Marshall.  “Ted, the bride wants to see you.”  Ted walks down a hall and into another room.  “I hear the bride needs me?” says Ted.  “Yeah, how do I look?” But the woman in the dress isn’t Quinn, it’s Robin.

The big reveal excites me.  I always felt like for the story to start with Ted meeting Robin, that Robin had to have a bigger role in Ted meeting his future wife than just being a girl he fell for along the way.  It is at Robin and Barney’s wedding that Ted meets the namesake of the show. 

Ted running off with Victoria kind of bothers me.  We know that Victoria is not the mother, and is therefore just another speed bump on the way to Ted truly finding happiness.

This fall the eighth and final season of the show will begin.  Surely we will find out what went wrong between Barney and Quinn, and subsequently how Barney and Robin fell in love.  Also, Ted and Victoria will realize they made a mistake.  Ted will finally hit the homestretch to his true destiny.

The legend continues with an eighth and final season Monday September 17, 2012.  I can’t wait.