Hilary Duff is championing a new internet craze called 'owling'.

A number of stars including Chris Brown, Katy Perry and Rosario Dawson have recently joined an online game called 'planking', which sees participants taking photographs of themselves lying still like a plank of wood in unusual locations.

'Planking' has taken the web by storm in recent months, but Duff has now come out in support of a new internet trend - 'owling', which involves crouching like an owl instead of lying flat.
Duff posted a picture on Twitter which shows her crouched on her dining table, sticking her tongue out at her bemused husband Mike Comrie.

The singer/actress added a caption referencing the recent freeway closure in Los Angeles, nicknamed 'Carmaggedon', insisting she decided to stay home 'owling' instead.
She wrote, "Didn't wanna hit Carmaggedon so I'm just owling all weekend."