On Heroes, James Kyson Lee goes on globe trotting adventures with time travel, super speed and electric lightning powers. In real life, he's going to bring the power of entertainment to our troops with the USO. Lee leaves this week for a tour with the USO's Hollywood Knights basketball team.

"So I'm playing with the Hollywood Knights, which are a basketball team made up of entertainers," Lee said. "We're visiting the U.S. troops in Honolulu and Waikiki so I'm very excited because it's my first time traveling with the team. Also I've never been to Hawaii so it's my first time there. So [I'm] super excited and it'll just be great to see the troops and get to visit them at their location and play some ball."

Lee's teammates include singer Aaron Carter, Las Vegas's James Lesure and American Gladiators Wolf and Venom. "I'll be the point guard of the team," Lee added.

The tour lasts from March 16 through the 22nd. With Heroes' busy production schedule, the timing finally worked out for Lee.

"I've been invited by them before because I think they heard I really like basketball. I played in the celebrity game during the NBA All Star game, but schedule just I never had the window to travel with them. We wrap[ed] Friday [the 13th] and then we leave Monday for Hawaii so it just worked out perfectly."

Story/Interview by Fred Topel

Starpulse contributing writer

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