Claire is stuck back at home with her "happy" family. She and HRG are lying to Claire's Mom about going on an Ivy League college tour instead of telling her they were a part of covert government plot to take down people with special abilities. Claire leaves the breakfast table and runs off to her room to have a tantrum. HRG follows and chastises her. Claire says, "And now's the part where you tell me everything you do you do to protect me." Instead HRG tells her she's going to go to community college or there's going to be hell to pay. So basically Claire is in a prison of her own making. Even her room is painted a dull grey instead of the bright cheery rooms she used to live in. During breakfast she ignored a text that came in from the anonymous person trying to recruit her in order to help other Heroes from being abducted. After HRG leaves her room she sees instructions have been texted to her to go to Sam's Comics. We must wonder if this anonymous person might be Angela feeling guilty and using the only hero she knows is safe other than her to save others. She's the only person who could see the future besides Parkman using her dream powers to the good guy's advantage.

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Meanwhile the Hunter mentions that the Patriot Act gives them a lot of leeway and allows them to track the movements and tap the phones of all of their targets. Nathan shows up and reminds everyone that Claire is off limits and that some of the targets might be scared not aggressive. He wants his team to hunt them, track them and bring them in.

Sylar and his new sidekick, Luke, are traveling west in the car Luke stole from his Mother. He lies to Sylar about where his Father is until Sylar threatens to rip his head open and take the kid's power. Luke says, "So you're like a serial killer." Sylar disagrees. Luke points out, "You've got a pattern, you go after specific victims, you collect mementos." To which Sylar replies, "Okay technically I'm a serial killer." Then he asks why he shouldn't tear open the kid's head. Luke says it's because if he does Sylar will never find his Dad. Then they drive West as "Born to be Wild" plays on the radio. Someone thought that was funny. They were right. That and the serial killer bit was the funniest dialog that's been in this show in months.

Claire shows up at the comic book store and tries to convince the guy behind the counter to get out and run away with her. He thinks it's a set-up by a friend and that Claire is a stripper. She cuts herself with a box cutter and heals in front of the guy to prove she has powers. He freaks out and believes her. Then HRG walks into the store. Claire tells the guy they have to leave immediately. So they try to sneak out but there's no way out. Claire hides as Alex acts casual and talks to HRG. HRG lies about being an official from the city and tries to get Alex to go outside with him. Claire calls her Dad to try and distract him. Alex grabs a comic book stand and hits HRG with it then runs. Claire goes out the back and joins Alex. They jump into Alex's car and drive away.

Hiro and Ando are in New Delhi looking for a bride in order to stop her wedding and re-enact the painting that Parkman created. Hiro tries to find out when the wedding will start. Ando finds the bride, Annapura. He talks with her about how sad she is and tells her to call off her wedding. She says she's been asking the Heaven's for a sign. Ando shows her his powers; she takes it as the sign she's been waiting for. Hiro walks in just in time to see Ando doing his job and gets deeply offended.

Moira Kelly has been added to the cast as a new character named Abby Collins who has been appointed by the President to be Nathan's new boss in order to check up on what he's been doing. It's amazing how enjoyable the show becomes with better writing and a great actor.

Sylar pulls into a diner parking lot. Luke gets very excited about the greasy food he's about to eat. Sylar tells him he has to stop trying to be his friend or he will have to kill the boy. Luke asks Sylar if he likes birds because his Father likes them. He used to take Luke bird hunting. He would pull a red wagon behind him with all of his gear. Sylar suddenly remembers being wrapped in blankets and pulled in a red wagon by his Father. It was a touching moment until Luke tells Sylar his Father sold him for cash.

Abby is taken into the holding cell where Nathan is keeping Tracy under heat lamps and shackled to a chair. Tracy looks up and sees Abby. They know each other. Abby says in disgust, "This woman is Tracy Strauss and you have her shackled to a chair." Nathan answers casually, "That's why we need better funding." Very funny, see the writing is improving. Abby is horrified and tells Nathan that she is shutting his operation down and filing human rights violations against him for torturing Tracy, imprisoning her without a trial and not reading her any Miranda Rights. Then she leaves Tracy in the hotbox. Oops.

Alex drives Claire to the beach so they can think things over. She explains that he must be on a list and he's being tracked in order to be taken into custody. Alex tells Claire his special ability is that he can breathe under water like a fish. They have to get out of his car and run on foot as two units move in on them.

Annapura explains to Ando and Hiro that she and her "friend" opened a pastry shop against her Grandfather's wishes. He also wanted her to marry. Then the fiancé arrives and fights with Annapura. Ando interrupts and tries to help but gets hit in the head with a pot instead and dragged off by the fiancé.

The Hunter has been using traffic cameras to track down the heroes. As they drive by the cameras their faces are run through facial tracking software and matched to a databank. Once the person is identified their location is given to headquarters and a team is sent out. The Hunter mentions to HRG that Claire's car is parked a few blocks down from the comic book store. HRG tells him it's just a coincidence.

Sylar and Luke grab some food in the local dive. Sylar gets personal and instructs young Luke on the rules for using his powers. He tells Luke to always know his end game and never get emotional. Then a few agents show up and enter the diner. Sylar and Luke try to leave casually but two Swat team members block the back exit with guns drawn. Then an undercover agent puts a gun to the back of Sylar's head, right on the sweet spot. Luke acts like he's panicking and grabs the agent's arm just long enough for Sylar to use his powers and throw the agent across the room. The swat team open fire on Sylar, hitting him but not stopping him. Sylar smashes a plate glass window open with his powers, grabs Luke and jumps through the open window frame. Sylar jumps into the car, locks Luke out and takes off while Luke stands in the parking lot in disbelief. The swat team shocks Luke and takes him into custody while Sylar drives away.

Annapura tells Hiro that she must marry her fiancé or Ando will continue to be held hostage. Hiro interrupts the wedding and makes a big scene telling everyone that Deepak is holding his friend hostage. Annapura tells her Grandfather that she cannot marry Deepak then she gives a longing and loving look to her female business partner. Deepak tries to take Annapura away but Hiro punches Deepak in the face and recreates the painting. Deepak says he doesn't want to marry Annapura and he'll give Hiro his friend back because Annapura is too much trouble. Hiro gets very excited when he realizes this is his moment and he has become a hero without any special powers.

Claire goes back to her car and HRG meets her in the parking lot. He tells her she has no idea how dangerous her actions are and she can't imagine what will happen to her if his bosses think he can't control her. She says, "That's the thing Dad, you can't."

Abby comes in with her "cease and desist" notice and tries to shut Nathan's department down. Nathan tries to convince her that the people with special powers are dangerous. She says that even if they were dangerous, "That still wouldn't justify torture." She says, "This is your argument? That these people are so dangerous that they have no constitutional rights." While Abby and Nathan debate over torturing American citizens because they might do something dangerous or illegal versus the desire to protect citizens from potentially dangerous individuals, Tracy breaks out and freezes and kills an agent in front of Abby. Needless to say Abby is a bit stunned. Moments later Abby is singing a different tune. She tells Nathan not to worry and that he will have all the funding he needs.

Annapura gives Hiro a fax that came into her café with Ando and Hiro's names on it. It said, "Save Matt Parkman." Hiro says it is destiny calling. Cheesy but cute.

Claire and her Mom, Sandra, have a heart to heart about what she and HRG were really doing. Claire says they're taking everyone with abilities even the innocent. Then HRG comes home with Indian take-out and Sandra confronts him. They get into a huge fight and poor little Claire sits on her staircase like a lost child worrying her parents might get divorced.

Nathan tries to tell Tracy that she better get used to the heat. Tracy tells Nathan to get over himself. She knows he wanted her to escape, the loosened chain, the unlocked door. Nathan gives a look like he didn't do it and we should all think that the Hunter did.

The swat vehicle parked in the diner parking lot does not report to headquarters. Instead the radio sends sounds of distress and panic as something or someone completely wipes them out. The back of the van opens and a swat member dressed in black jumps out of the back of the van. The man pulls of his mask to reveal that it is Sylar. He came back for Luke after all. That's the thing about Sylar, he may be a villain but he has this sweet streak in him he just can't seem to shake. He rescues the sleeping Luke who has been strapped down to a gurney and drugged. Sylar picks Luke up, puts him over his shoulder and walks down the street carrying the kid, cowboy style.

HRG walk into Claire's room and tells her he's moving out for a while and he's going to try and become a better person, a better Father and a better husband. He leaves and Claire hands a sleeping bag to Alex who has been hiding in her closet.

Luke thanks Sylar for saving him. Sylar says it he didn't go back for Luke he went back for the computer in order to figure out how they're tracking him. Then the song, "Psycho Killer" by Talking Heads plays on the radio. Very funny.

Nathan confronts the Hunter about how Tracy escaped. He says the guy who died left a wife and two kids behind. The Hunter says he's sorry but sometimes in times of war somebody has to fall on a grenade. Nathan tells the Hunter to, "go apologize to the blood stain, it's still warm."

Nathan gets a drink at the bar of a local hotel where he'll be living until Sandra takes him back. Then he gets woozy and realizes he's been drugged but it's too late. Parkman, Suresh and Peter pick HRG up off the floor and tell the bartender that he's had three too many and they'll get him home. Which sets up the teaser for next week showing us we'll get to know more about HRG and perhaps have some of our questions answered after all these episodes full of questions. And just like Sandra and Claire wanting so badly to trust that HRG can change we want to trust that this enjoyable and pleasantly surprising episode is going in a new direction. A direction that will lead to better storylines and more satisfying character development instead of the mess we've been suffering through.

Heroes stars: Hayden Panettiere / Milo Ventimiglia / Ali Larter / Masi Oka / Zachary Quinto / Dania Ramirez / Kristen Bell / Noah Gray-Cabey / James Kyson Lee / Greg Grunberg / Adrian Pasdar / Malcolm McDowell / more

Story by Erin MacMillan-Ramirez

Starpulse contributing writer