The two-hour premier was sadly misleading. It made audiences believe every episode would be entertaining and insightful. Perhaps "Heroes" cannot fulfill its weekly purpose caged within just one small hour per week. Maybe they need two hours every week in order for us to understand how certain plot lines make any sense whatsoever.

This week starts off with a whimper. Peter looks proudly at his latest clipping. He single handedly averted a MTA bus crisis. Claire tries to avoid Gretchen and the leader of the carnival, Samuel, decides to suck some ink into his hand and go looking for Peter.

Lydia asks if he'll visit his old home while he's there. He says he might. Then she reminds him that visiting Peter won't bring his brother back. He says he knows this but he wants to see if Peter is worthy of a spot at their table. As he puts on a suit he tells Lydia that it's been years since he had to wear one. He remembers growing up that he hated having to adhere to standards of cleanliness and civility. He recalls how he discovered he could move the ground beneath his feet and from that day forward he was free. He asks Lydia how he looks in his suit and tie. She says, "Like everyone else."

Once in New York he sues Peter, claiming Peter dislocated his shoulder while moving too fast and being careless in saving him from the bus accident. Peter is convinced the guy wasn't at the scene of the crime and just wants money. Peter looks up his own accident report to see if he treated Samuel on the site. He tries to talk to a girl at the information desk. She ignores his verbal requests and points to a sign stating all requests must be in writing. She hands him his report after he notices her earbud headphones are not plugged into any device. He asks her a few questions. She smiles and ignores him. He leans forward and knocks over her coffee mug. It crashes to the ground and she "sees" the sound it makes as it crashes as a red light emanating from the mug. Samuel breaks into Peter's apartment and inserts his image into the photo of the accident that is pinned to Peter's wall. When Peter arrives home he sees Samuel's picture and must admit he was wrong.

This new girl, Emma, goes to her doctor and asks about "seeing" sounds. Her doctor says it's common for people with disabilities to adapt like blind people smelling letters or tasting numbers. She says it's normal and no big deal. She actually has more of an issue with Emma wearing headphone that are not attached to anything just to avoid interacting with people. Emma says she doesn't want people giving her the, "it's so sad you're deaf look." Emma leaves the doctor as obstinate as she came in, headphones securely in her ears. Later she hangs out at the park drinking coffee in the same area where Peter apologizes to Samuel. Peter says he must have forgotten that Samuel was on the scene and he's willing to do whatever it takes to make things right. Samuel says he knew Peter was a good person and that he because Peter is sorry and that he's dropping the case. Apparently all Samuel wanted was an apology for something Peter didn't do in order to discover his character. Lame.

Meanwhile Emma is "listening" to a man play the cello badly and seeing colors come off of the bow, bridge and strings. The guy puts the cello down and gets up to buy a hot dog with his tips. And this is where things get really lame. Emma gets up, walks over to the cello, sits down, bow and cello in hand and begins to play a concerto perfectly just by seeing the colors. Or it's her power to randomly pick up instruments and know how to play them. Whatever it is it's the stupidest so called "power" out of any context. How is this "power" supposed to save someone or help humanity? Unless her power eventually manifests as the ability to move earth and objects by way of sound waves in order to combat Samuel then this is the lamest "power" ever.

On campus Claire is avoiding Gretchen, that is, until HRG comes over to visit and invites both Claire and Gretchen to lunch. At lunch Gretchen and Claire trade barbs in a not-so-subtle cover conversation about Claire's powers. When Gretchen goes to the bathroom HRG begins to make a call to The Haitian to have Gretchen's memory erased. Claire insists that she can handle the situation and that if HRG interferes she will punish her Father by cutting him out of her life. He backs off and lets he deal with her own mess. Claire decides to have a girlie slumber party and tell Gretchen the truth. Gretchen is allowed to ask Claire anything. Of course the only thing Gretchen wants is to see Claire's healing power. Claire lets Gretchen cut her hand and watch as she heals. Afterwards she takes a call from HRG and tells him she's decided to tell the truth and deal with the consequences because eventually there's going to be a boyfriend (and not the flying boy who they wrote off the show) and she needs to be honest with everyone and learn to trust and form bonds with people. He asks if she rehearsed her speech and she admits she did. HRG is proud of her and lets her do what she wants. When Claire returns to the room she asks Gretchen to be her roommate. Gretchen agrees. We still don't trust Gretchen even after she revealed she was Bulimic in high school and everyone called her "Wretched Gretchen." All the more reason for Gretchen to be a little "off."

Speaking of people who are a little "off" Parkman totally loses it. Sylar sets him up while Parkman's on a job. Sylar is torturing Parkman until he goes back to New York and gives him his body back. Sylar tricks Parkman into thinking that the supposed drug dealer whose house their searching is really holding a little girl hostage. They he tricks Parkman into using his powers to reveal the girl is under the stairs. Then he tricks him into seeing the little girl, dead, under the stairs. Parkman loses his temper and beats the suspect unconscious. Parkman's partner looks under the stairs and there's nothing. Sylar reveals that he's just used Parkman's powers against him. Parkman uses his powers to convince his partner that the suspect attacked him and Parkman was just defending himself. His partner tells Parkman he'll call it in. Way to fall of the wagon Parkman.

In the end of the episode Samuel visits the house he and his brother grew up in. He talks to the Lady of the house and tells her his Father was the butler, his Mother was the maid and he and his brother lived on the grounds. He asks if he can take a look around the carriage house since his brother has passed away and he's trying to heal. The Lady of the house says she's in the middle of a dinner party and can't be bothered but she's sorry for his loss. Then she closes the door on him.

Peter arrives on the scene of a "sink hole" where the Lady of the house used to live. The house has been swallowed up by the earth with the party guests still inside. Looks like Samuel has a problem with the word, "No."

All in all this was a very slow, boring episode. We can only hope that next week gives us some pay-offs worthy of this plodding set-up.

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Heroes stars: Hayden Panettiere / Milo Ventimiglia / Ali Larter / Masi Oka / Zachary Quinto / James Kyson Lee / Greg Grunberg / Adrian Pasdar / more

Story by Erin MacMillan-Ramirez

Starpulse contributing writer