This week's episode of Heroes takes us back before last week's episode in order to catch us up on things we already know. Parkman, Suresh and Peter talk at a motel before going over to drug HRG. Suresh thinks it's dangerous to be out in the open. Parkman reminds the men that they did nothing wrong and they were captured anyway. Then we're back in the bar with HRG as he is drugged and passes out. Parkman, Suresh and Peter pick him up off the floor and take him away.

While HRG is drugged Parkman goes into his mind and fishes around for answers. We're transported to five weeks earlier to a park bench shot in black and white. HRG sits on a bench next to Angela. She informs HRG that she is tired and she's giving up on monitoring and protecting special people. She gives him a rather large check and a gold watch and tells him to go home and take care of Claire. He tries to fight with her and tell her there's more work to be done and that he doesn't know any other life outside the company. Angela doesn't care. It's over.

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Meanwhile the Hunter pulls Nathan out of a State dinner and tells him that HRG is missing and that he's putting HRG under surveillance. He makes a sarcastic remark about Claire's special treatment then informs Nathan that he's put himself under the same scrutiny as HRG. He feels Nathan, Claire and HRG have all been compromised due to their familiar relationships. Nathan asks if the Hunter is spying on him. The Hunter says, "You barely touched your prime rib."

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Suresh argues that Parkman is torturing HRG on purpose in order to punish him for Daphne's death. Parkman reminds Suresh and Peter that he's digging around someone's brain and it won't be comfortable. Suresh argues that they might not be able to trust the information they find in HRG's head. Then Parkman asks for permission to go back into Noah's head.

Once he's in we go back to four weeks earlier. HRG sits on his couch at home doing a crossword puzzle. He's obviously bored and unsatisfied. Sandra leaves and Nathan arrives moments later to talk with HRG in private. Nathan tells HRG he's set some things in motion and that Claire will be safe. HRG presses Nathan to tell him what he's done. Nathan says there's a need to contain certain types of people but that certain exceptions can be made for him and Claire. HRG asks what he's going to do after locking these people up. Nathan says that his real purpose is to find a cure for their abilities, cure them and release them back into society. HRG asks what he'll do if they can't find a cure. Nathan doesn't want to talk about that option. Nathan asks how HRG did what he did. HRG takes him to a warehouse full of weapons, money and fake passports. Nathan is not impressed; he says the government has weapons. Then HRG implies that he's bored sitting around at home and wants in on the program.

Parkman comes out of HRG's head long enough to fight with Suresh and give Parkman the address of the warehouse that he saw in HRG's memory. Peter flies over to the warehouse to check out the supplies. He finds exactly what he needs, guns, ammo and grenades. Of course the place is under surveillance and the Hunter sees Peter via a hidden camera. The Hunter informs Nathan that they have found Peter in HRG's storage room. They don't know if HRG has turned by choice or not. Then they lose visual contact just as a team is about to move in. Nathan tells the Hunter not to kill Peter. The disappointed Hunter tells his men to, "Set your phasers to stun." A cute little nod to Star Trek but it won't save this plotline.

Parkman gets back into HRG's head. Nathan welcomes HRG into Building 26, the secret facility where the operation creates its headquarters. Nathan introduces HRG to the Hunter. HRG tries to lay down some ground rules but the Hunter tells him they won't be teaming up with any special people this time, they'll just be taking them into custody. The Hunter insults HRG's ability to do an effective job. HRG counters but telling the Hunter that he was successful at keeping the special people's existence a secret for twenty years. After the Hunter walks away HRG confronts Nathan and says, "I thought I was running this operation." Nathan answers like a true politician, "The situation has become a little more complex Noah. It's important that we look at it form as many angles as we can." HRG decides to approach Suresh in his cab in order to recruit him. He tells Suresh about the government program and asks him for his help.

Parkman comes out of HRG's head and confronts Suresh. Suresh tries to defend himself and justify not telling anyone about being informed of what was coming. Parkman gets into a fight with Suresh. They throw each other around and break the bathroom sink. It's amazing no one calls the cops. Suresh tells Parkman he never could have predicted that they would capture the heroes or that Daphne would be shot. Then he looks over at HRG only to find an empty chair. HRG has escaped. Parkman and Suresh stop fighting and run into the parking lot looking for HRG. HRG eludes them, finds a radio antenna, breaks it off of a car and uses it to jimmy a car door open. He's busy hotwiring the car when Peter lands on top of the hood and recaptures HRG. This time they tie him up with duct tape and make sure any objects are out of his reach.

Parkman goes back into HRG's head and we're taken back to three weeks earlier. HRG goes over to the Hunter's apartment and brings a friendly drink in order to bond with him. The Hunter's apartment has nothing but monitors and basic necessities. He takes his work home and judges HRG for having a family. HRG judges the Hunter, whose name we find out is Mr. Danko, for living his job and feeling falsely superior and perfect. Parkman comes out of HRG's head and gives Peter the Hunter's address. Peter grabs a gun and goes after Danko. Then we see several units moving in on the motel to take Suresh and Parkman into custody.

Danko enters his apartment and turns on his computers while he's on his cell phone giving orders to the unit moving in on the motel. Peter appears behind Danko with his gun drawn. Nathan is informed that Peter is at Danko's apartment. They can see what's going on in Danko's apartment. Danko tries to get Peter to kill him in order to further his cause. Suddenly Nathan arrives in Danko's apartment. Danko asks, "How'd you get here so fast?" Nathan tries to talk Peter down. Peter shoots Danko in the shoulder, wounding him. Nathan tells Peter that if he kills Danko he'll be signing a death warrant for Parkman and Suresh. Peter flies out the window he came in through. Danko yells at Nathan, "Why'd you tell him about Parkman and Suresh?" Nathan retorts, "I just saved your life!" Then Danko gives orders to move in on Parkman and Suresh.

The unit moves in and starts busting in doors in the motel. Suresh says he'll hold them off for as long as he can while Parkman goes back into HRG's head to see if Daphne is alive. Parkman goes in and is taken back two days. He sees Daphne strapped to a gurney, alive but wounded. She was shot in the shoulder. HRG says, "It's gonna take three times the normal amount to keep this one down." Then he injects her himself until she's calm. Parkman comes out of HRG's head. The unit moves in. Suresh is taken down by four tazers and ten agents. Parkman is overwhelmed in the room and gives up. HRG insists on walking Parkman to the car himself. As they walk to the car Peter flies down, drops a flash cake, blinds HRG and the agents, grabs Parkman, flies up into the air with him and then goes supersonic.

Suresh is shackled in a cell. Nathan throws cold water on him to wake him up. He tells Suresh not to judge him, "It wasn't so long ago you had me tied down." Nathan tries to recruit Suresh to help him find a cure for abilities. He shows Suresh a monitor of Daphne suffering in a bed. He tells Suresh that if he doesn't help him then Daphne will be killed, then Peter and all the others including Suresh.

Danko tells HRG to take a few days off. HRG says his wife kicked him out of the house and his daughter is scared of him so he really doesn't need the time off. He says his focus is no longer split. He asks Danko, "Do you still think I'm compromised?" Danko answers that they found his storage unit. HRG says he lead them right to him Danko was the one that let them get away. Danko admits he underestimated them and he let Nathan's loyalties get in the way of him doing his job. He tells HRG they're going to change all of that. Then Danko drives away and HRG walks into the park. He sits on the same park bench as he did five weeks ago, next to Angela. He tells Angela that Danko trusts him. Angela tells him he's going to have to make tough choices to prove his loyalties. HRG reminds her, "You know me, I've always been comfortable with morally grey." Angela smiles as HRG walks away. She sees the gold watch she gave him on the bench. HRG left it for her. A nice touch in an otherwise boring and plodding episode.

Parkman and Peter take shelter in Isaac's old apartment. Parkman paints the future. One where Parkman has bombs strapped to his chest and apparently blows up the White House. We understand that Tim Kring is trying to clean up the mess other writers made of his show but going over the same plot points from a different angle was tedious at best. And now his big reveal is yet another city blowing up. We've seen it all before. There's a reason people stop reading comic books as they grow up and this episode is not helping to change their minds.

Heroes stars: Hayden Panettiere / Milo Ventimiglia / Ali Larter / Masi Oka / Zachary Quinto / Dania Ramirez / Kristen Bell / Noah Gray-Cabey / James Kyson Lee / Greg Grunberg / Adrian Pasdar / Malcolm McDowell / more

Story by Erin MacMillan-Ramirez

Starpulse contributing writer