In this episode of Heroes, titled 'Our Father': Hiro and Claire go back sixteen years in order to change history and try to save the world, again. They listen in as Noah Bennett receives Claire as a baby. Then they see Hiro's Mom heal a sick dove and they both realize they can change history. Claire can convince HRG not to put the catalyst in her and Hiro decides he can receive the catalyst and protect it. They say this at the same time, to each other, except Hiro is speaking Japanese and Claire is speaking English.

Angela Petrelli convinces Peter to go with The Haitian and kill Arthur. They believe Arthur has become too powerful and will never stop.

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Meanwhile Nathan is meeting with Arthur and Tracy to discuss giving powers to "the right people" in order to make the world a better place. After a few moments of Nathan being offended that Tracy has been working for Arthur he gives in and not only takes over Pinehearst, he takes a look at the soldiers lined up to receive the hero potion number 9.

Claire does the only logical thing when trapped in the past, she goes to see her parents and herself in their tiny apartment. She helps change her own wet diaper and asks a bunch of questions of her newly adopted Mother.

Sylar is a bag guy again. He killed Elle on the beach last week, this week he burns her body and tells Arthur to buzz off. He's taking the list he got from Pinehearst and he's going to go back to his old ways and kill to get what he wants. He goes to a woman's office who is a human lie detector. We've all heard that phrase before but this woman actually is a lie detector. After she figures out that Sylar is not in her office to deliver flowers he cuts her head off. Then her co-workers show up to wish her a happy birthday. Sylar looks at them with bloody hands and asks, "Cake?" Then he closes the door behind them with his mind, trapping them inside, with him.

Nathan interviews a Marine in the running for getting the injection and becoming a superhero. Nathan asks the Marine why he wants to receive the injection. The Marine reveals that he couldn't save his fellow Marine's on his last mission in Iraq. The Marine says, "Everybody says that, 'you're only human.' If only I was more than that maybe they'd still be alive."

Parkman, Daphne and Ando go looking for the messenger who is rumored to have Isaac Mendez's last sketchbook containing the drawings of what would have been the last issue of 9th Wonder. Parkman interrogates the manager of the bike messenger business but he just keeps lying so Parkman is forced to read the guy's mind. Parkman says to the guy, "You've been skimming off the top $5200 already this year." And the guy agrees to get the book out of the safe and bring it to them. Instead he gets it out of the safe and rides away on a bike. Daphne sees the guy escaping and runs after him, stopping him in the middle of the street.

Hiro's father doesn't think Hiro has the ability to handle receiving the catalyst. Little Hiro thinks his Father may be right.

Claire gets busted by HRG. Claire doesn't tell him the whole truth about who she is or how she got there. She just gives him a cheesy lecture about how much they're going to love one another and how great his life is going to be. Claire tells him that the company is going to do something to his baby that will change her forever and that his "little Claire-bear" is amazing just the way she is. Here's the amazing part, instead of shooting Claire or even tazering her, he listens to her and ignores the phone call that would cause him to take baby Claire in and make her the catalyst. Are we to believe that HRG was a good and noble man before the evil company changed him?

Grown-up Hiro confesses to his Mother that he is a time traveler and came back from the future. He asks his Mother to heal him in order to recover his memory. She does so and he suddenly remembers how much he missed her after she died. She asks Hiro to tell her all about his life. She knew he was meant for greatness. And upon hearing that Hiro and his Father make peace in the future he convinces her that he is worthy of the catalyst. She acquiesces, giving Hiro her gift, she tells him she is so proud of him, he says she taught him what it was to be a hero and then she dies.

Peter and The Haitian debate as to who should kill Arthur. Peter says it's his responsibility and he must do it.

The messenger manager gives the sketchbook to Ando, Parkman and Daphne. They see that Hiro becomes lost in time and can't get home to the future. They assume it must be a mistake.

Hiro arrives on the rooftop and meets up with Claire. Hiro gives Claire the update in English. Claire is happily surprised that he can speak English. He is about to pop them both back into the present when Arthur shows up. We know he knows where they are and what they did because he can draw the future. This is why no one should go around trying to change the past or the future, they just make it worse, like this show for an entire season.

Arthur grabs Hiro and says, "I'll take your powers and the catalyst too." Then he throws Hiro off the roof. He touches Claire's shoulder and says, "Give Angela a message from me. Tell her it's over. I won." Then he pops Claire back into the present. Then he pops himself back to the present as well.

At this point the camera pans over to reveal that Hiro is hanging onto a flagpole attached to the side of the building. Hopefully someone will save him.

Luckily, after reading that Hiro will be trapped in the past, Ando decides he must find a way to be given powers and help Hiro.

Arthur pops back into the lab just in time to lay his hands on the formula, using his new power he "heals" the formula and makes it perfect.

Nathan, Suresh and Tracy head down the hallway to use the newly perfected formula. Arthur says he will join them shortly and heads off to his office. Peter and The Haitian surprise Arthur in Arthur's office and after Peter finally decides to shoot Arthur, Sylar stops the bullet. Yup, Sylar just pops into the room and stops the bullet. No question as to how he got there. He gives a quick speech and let's everyone know that he is a bad guy then he sends the bullet flying right into Arthur's head, killing him. Now following the logic of this show Arthur should come back to life the moment The Haitian leaves the room. Considering that Claire and Sylar both regenerated after the eclipse. And why didn't Arthur draw this future of himself being shot and killed? And what's up with the fact that The Haitian is in the room yet Sylar's powers are working? And just when the Haitian is about to lose his grip on Arthur, Sylar shows up. And the fact that Sylar leaves the room saying Peter doesn't have anything he wants, but The Haitian's power is pretty nifty isn't it? So if his powers were working when he was concentrated on Arthur couldn't he get the Haitian's powers? And then the glowing effect they used to indicate "the catalyst" starts to glow next to Peter, which could imply that Peter becomes the catalyst because originally Peter's power was to take other people's powers.

Nathan takes charge and oversees the injection into the hand-picked Marine who he spoke with before. After Suresh injects The Marine things don't look too good. The guy starts to shake and has a rather violent reaction. After things calm down The Marine rips through his restraints and then throws the chair through the glass wall and it lodges itself into the wall, legs first.

Nathan asks the Marine how he feels. The Marine answers, "I feel good."

If Elle and Arthur remain dead then audiences may rediscover their respect for this series. Although we would be letting them off the hook a little easy considering they started this whole mess by waking up a super-villain and now they were able to kill him with no weird surprises. Overall if we can just be done with this storyline and move onto more interesting, surprising and believable ones we'll all be better off for it. That is, if we can all go back to enjoying Sylar as a bad guy and forget along with him that for a moment he found compassion, empathy and love. Just like being a fan of this show, it's easier to go into denial and expect things to go back to the way things were in the past than to face the fact that things just might have changed forever. Next year's story arc will determine if our time is well spent watching this show or if we're just covering the same ground and calling it something new.

Heroes stars: Hayden Panettiere / Milo Ventimiglia / Ali Larter / Masi Oka / Zachary Quinto / Dania Ramirez / Kristen Bell / Noah Gray-Cabey / James Kyson Lee / Greg Grunberg / Adrian Pasdar / Malcolm McDowell / more

Story by Erin MacMillan-Ramirez

Starpulse contributing writer