This week's episode of Heroes reminds us that there are nearly 7 billion people on the planet and that each one is unique for a reason. Angela, Claire and HRG drive along the highway. HRG tells Angela and Claire that the road construction they passed wasn't real. He says there will be a roadblock up ahead and he must face it alone. He tells Claire and Angela to get out and walk two miles East until they reach the city. Then he drives right into the trap and allows the agents to capture him.

Sylar changed his own kill spot using his shape-shifting ability. He comes back to life and takes the knife out of his own head. Sylar says shape shifting doesn't just happen on the outside. This is the first big clue to the episode. Then Sylar explains that he has plans for Nathan and his family. He's not going to kill Nathan yet. Angela gave him the ability to pick up the memories of anything he touches. He says he has enough memories from Nathan to become him. Here's clue number two. Sylar does the whole diabolical villain thing when he explains to Danko he has a master plan to get a private meeting with the President in order to become him and run America his way. After that, he frames Danko. He becomes Danko, kills a few agents then becomes Agent Taub and pulls a gun on Danko, thus taking the credit for capturing the rogue leader.

Angela and Claire walk through the Capital in Washington, D.C. looking for Nathan. Claire asks Angela if she thinks her Dad managed to escape or if he got caught. Angela says it was HRG's plan all along to get caught. Claire wonders why her father always ends up in the middle of things. Angela explains that he ends up there because he puts himself there on purpose in order to protect Claire. Angela tells Claire she has no idea the lengths a parent will go to in order to ensure the safety of their child and hopes she never has to. Angela then tells Claire she's leaving, that she needs to find Matt Parkman. She says that in her dream Parkman helps save Nathan, she doesn't know how exactly, she just knows what was in her dream. Claire asks why she can't just go up to Nathan and warn him he's in danger. Angela tells her it doesn't work that way, she can't change the outcome of the dream, she can simply push it along and make sure it comes true.

Sylar is dressed in Nathan's clothes and ready to meet the President. He tries to get Nathan to wake up so he can extract more memories from him. He wants to be prepared for his meeting. Nathan is still unconscious. Sylar becomes inpatient, picks up Nathan's cufflinks and says, "I've got enough memories from the stuff lying around here. Your diploma says you graduated with honors from Annapolis. These cufflinks tell me a different story, politics." Claire arrives and sees Sylar as Nathan. He convinces her that he's really Nathan by touching her necklace and obtaining the memories of their trip to Mexico. She trusts him after that. He tells her he's going to talk to the President and set things straight. She says she's coming with him. He says that's a good idea, if things go south she'll be by his side.

Danko is taken into custody and locked up with, who else, but HRG. Hiro and Ando argue about how to get inside Building 26 and not hurt Hiro. His nose started bleeding the last time he tried to stop time. Ando is afraid his head could explode if he uses his powers again. Hiro says that's a risk he's willing to take.

Peter meets up with Nathan in Nathan's office. Nathan is still weak from the butt kicking Sylar gave him.

HRG convinces Danko to team up with him. Danko warns him that Sylar moved his kill switch. Then he asks HRG how he did it for so long? He doesn't know how to capture the special people. HRG says its like spinning plates and if he didn't have a family he'd be in the exact same position as Danko. Danko reminds him he is in the exact same position then agrees to work with HRG.

Hiro stops time to get them into Building 26 and his ear starts bleeding. They discover the special people who are being drugged. They wake the special people up and replace them with agents. After waking Suresh he advises Hiro to stop using his power or it could kill him. Danko and HRG come out of the time freeze to see the door of their cell open.

Claire and fake Nathan meet up with Liam Samuels, President's Chief of Staff. Liam asks Nathan to sign in. Claire says, "I thought you were right handed." Sylar covers by saying he's ambidextrous.

Danko preps for capturing Sylar with a tranquilizer syringe. HRG turns his back and Danko tries to use it on HRG. Hiro freezes time and uses a second syringe on Danko to save HRG. After unfreezing time he bows to HRG, his nose bleeds and his eyes fill with blood, then he falls into Ando's arms, weak and sick. HRG tells them to call 911 and that he is going after Sylar. He calls Claire on the secure line he gave her. She answers and says she found Sylar. He asks if he's sure it's him. She says she's sure, then morphs into Sylar and says, "Because I'm him."

Sylar uses his puppet powers to force Claire to serve him wine. He tells Claire he plans on killing her entire family and that as they speak his real Father is dying. He asks Claire if she ever stops to think about how much they have in common. They were both adopted and neither one of them can die. He thinks at some point she'll get bored of trying to kill him and that perhaps someday she'll grow to love him. She says she will never stop trying to kill him. He says she might change her mind after everyone she loves dies. And who knows, she could be his first, First Lady. Apparently he plans on ruling forever.

Meanwhile downstairs the real Nathan and Peter warn Liam about the danger to the President. He shows Liam that he can fly and says that only one of his own kind can stop Sylar. Liam gives them some time before he follows. They go to Nathan's office. As they approach Nathan's office Nathan says, "I love you Peter." Peter answers, "I know, I love you too." They arrive at Nathan's office just as Claire is thrown out of the office and the doors slam shut. Nathan and Peter run in and attack Sylar. The doors slam shut again, locking Claire out. The fight ensues inside as Claire watches from the crack in the door. The doors fly open. Sylar and Nathan are gone. Claire finds Peter under some rubble. She asks if he can fly, he says he can't. They leave to find Sylar. Sylar and Nathan fly back into the room. Sylar fights with Nathan and then slices Nathan's throat. Nathan sits in a chair and bleeds to death in front of Sylar. Sylar laughs and says, "Claire is going to be so mad at me."

Angela finds Parkman at the bus station. She says he has to come with her in order to save Nathan, she doesn't know how but he does. Parkman says he can't help her; he has to stop the agents so his son will be safe. Angela says that's only possible with Nathan's help. He agrees to help.

Claire and Peter meet up with HRG. Peter says he absorbed Sylar's powers so they can stop him. Liam pulls a gun on Claire. She says, "You can either let us through now or after you shoot me."

Parkman and Angela find Nathan dead in his office. Angela is distraught and doesn't understand how he can be dead. In her dream Parkman was supposed to save him.

Nathan catches up with Liam and the President on their way to the basement. Nathan shakes hands with Liam. Then Liam gets into the President's limo and shakes hands with the President. Liam shape shifts back into Sylar. The President morphs into Peter as Peter slams a syringe full of tranquilizer into Sylar's neck and puts him to sleep. As Sylar passes out Peter says, "I bet you didn't think I took that power from you?"

HRG, Angela and Parkman meet in Nathan's office. Nathan is dead. Angela and HRG convince Parkman to erase Sylar's memory and convince Sylar that he is Nathan. They will use the shape shifter's dead body that's in dead freeze to convince everyone that Sylar is dead. They convince Parkman that this is the only way for his son to be safe. Nathan is the only one who can convince the President to stop the program. Parkman does what they ask of him. He convinces Sylar that he is Nathan Sylar shape shifts into Nathan, wakes up and says, "Mom?"

The small band of rebels meet to burn Sylar's body on a funeral pyre, Darth Vader style. Suresh asks in voice-over if someone can be themselves without their memories and experiences? Nathan tells Angela it's a new beginning and that the President gave him funding and protection for their new "company." Hiro and Ando decide it's time to go home. And HRG is forced to lie, once again to his daughter and say Sylar is really dead. Suresh waxes poetic on the oneness of humanity as long as people are pure of heart and mind and act as one, blah, blah, blah. And it's the end of Volume Four. So we had the pay-off of two major clues. One, Sylar's shape shifting happens on the inside and the outside and two, that other people's memories become his. Putting aside the rather "on-the-nose" voice-over at the end this episode was entertaining and disturbing. Who are we? What makes us individuals? Are we simply collections of memories and experiences so easily replaced or replicated? Creepy.

The beginning of Volume Five "Redemption" starts six weeks later with a former agent from Building 26 coming home from somewhere. He sees water leaking from his kitchen sink. The water turns into Tracey. She says to the agent, "You're number four." Then we cut to Nathan reading the paper. An article announces that there was a fourth mysterious drowning in an apartment. Angela arrives in Nathan's office and tries to convince him that life is perfect. He feels a little off. He walks up to a clock and says it's running a minute and a half fast. He corrects the time, which is five till noon, a nice "Watchmen" reference. After setting the clock he becomes happy and asks Angela what they're having for lunch. Angela stares at the clock, a worried look overwhelms her face. When will they learn? They can't keep Sylar down. And we have to wonder where they put the body of the real Nathan? We will probably see him again in Volume Five since no one really dies on this show and Tracey is the new "bad-guy." We all know Nathan and Tracey have a past and some unresolved issues. And even though these convenient story points bug us all, we'll be back next season for more.

Heroes stars: Hayden Panettiere / Milo Ventimiglia / Ali Larter / Masi Oka / Zachary Quinto / James Kyson Lee / Greg Grunberg / Adrian Pasdar / more

Story by Erin MacMillan-Ramirez

Starpulse contributing writer