On the last episode of Heroes Claire and Nathan are hiding out in Mexico. Claire makes it clear that she's only staying one night. She wants to know what the plan is for getting their lives back to normal.

Nathan says he will make some calls and put some things in action in order to make everything right again. Claire says she's going to walk around for a while. Nathan acts like a worried Father. She says she'll be fine and leaves him alone with his thoughts in a dirty hotel room. Peter saved Angela and took her to a church. He's looking for answers, so is Angela.

Danko arrives on the scene of a triple homicide. His agents were trying to apprehend a suspect they knew nothing about. Danko explains to HRG that they found his DNA in a national data bank and went after him. HRG is unimpressed and says Danko went in blind. He knew nothing about this guy's powers. He could have been a teleporter or an invisible man. Danko says HRG is treading on thin ice and needs to land a big fish more than he does.

Danko sits in his car and pushes the lighter in his consol. He tries to steady his hand after he notices he's shaking. Sylar appears in the rear view mirror and asks if Danko received his gifts. Danko says, "The taxidermy bunny and the near dead puppeteer, you shouldn't have." Sylar says they both want the same thing and they should pool their resources. Danko asks what's in it for Sylar. Sylar says Danko fascinates him, that he can help, he can find the man who killed his agents. Just as the cigarette light pops Danko draws his gun and turns on Sylar but Sylar is gone.

Danko makes a big speech about the three agents who died will not die in vain. They have a job to do and "they don't sleep until this son-of-a-bitch is caught," as he puts a photo of the suspect from the apartment killings on the most wanted board. HRG tries to explain to Danko that the one of them, one of us rule worked well because they could do what normals can't. Danko asks how he could trust them. HRG explains he never did, he figured out what they wanted, what motivated them and used it to get them to do what he wanted them to do. HRG suggests they go after Sylar; he has intelligence that places him in the city. Danko says he has another target for HRG and hands him a photo of Angela.

Down in Mexico Claire comes in with some money after pawning her necklace. It was a gift from her adopted Father and although she didn't want to sell it "if Mr. Survival skills knew they were in a pinch he would want me to." Claire asks what Nathan's plans are. Nathan tries to tell Claire that their situation is complicated and he can't figure out what to do about it. He wants Claire to show him some gratitude for giving her a free pass or for risking his life to save hers. She asks why he gave her a free pass; he says he has his reasons. Then he tries to multiply the money Claire got.

Angela seeks salvation in the church. She tells Peter she can't dream because she can't sleep. He says to take a pill. She says the sleep has to be natural and she has to earn that. She says she always found peace in this church; she was married there, Peter's first communion, Nana's funeral. She used to have so much love in her family and now her family is blown apart. Peter asks if she went there to be forgiven. She's not sure even God has it in him to forgive her. Nathan bets some college kids on vacation that he can out drink them in order to triple his cash.

The young agent who survived the incident with the man they were trying to apprehend comes into Danko's office to thank him for the speech he gave. He shakes Danko's hand as Danko receives a phone call from Sylar. Sylar found another body that the killer stashed. Sylar left a box in Danko's office for him and with a line straight out of "Seven" he asks Sylar, "What's in the box?" Of course it's a head. The head of the agent who just shook his hand. Sylar explains, "He's a shape-shifter." Danko realizes that the guy they're looking for just left his office and is getting away. He hangs up on Sylar and takes off after the suspect, calling his agents to follow him. A posse runs after the suspect who in turn runs through the parking garage, bumps into a janitor, touching his hand and begins to shape-shift into the janitor. By the time the suspect reaches the street he looks like the janitor and Danko loses him in a sea of people holding umbrellas in the rain.

Peter finds a dry coat and a shawl in the donation room. He says it looked like something she would wear. She says it should, she donated it last week. He says he didn't know she was so active. She says she's just going through the motions. She says she was never really there for her sons. She and her husband were supportive of Peter but they never really gave him support. There were plenty of opportunities for her to be honest with him and she never was. She knew he was hurting, she could have helped but she didn't. She says she doesn't blame him for hating her, if he does. Peter says he doesn't hate her, that no matter what happens she's still his Mother. She says, "I'm afraid that unconditional love is not love at all."

Nathan is not looking good. Claire asks if they can call it a draw. He says he can do this. Her Dad isn't the only one who can do good things. Then he passes out. Claire steps in and offers Nathan's watch to the kid who thinks he just won. He says it's a nice watch but he's 22 shots in. She takes off her shirt, downs a shot and says, "Then I better catch up."

Sylar walks into the suspect's apartment. Danko is waiting for him, his gun drawn. He got the drop on his. Danko tells Sylar he knows he wants the suspects powers, he likes playing characters, using accents. He thinks he's got Sylar figured out. Sylar says he has no idea what he wants. Danko says he knows how to kill him, a bullet to just the right place and something to jab into the hole to keep him dead. Sylar says Danko's got it all figured out except for the part where he can't catch his guy without his help. Danko says Sylar is all he needs, "the white whale" he needs to land. Sylar says, "Maybe I'm the goose who lays the golden egg. I can round them all up." He tells Danko he chased a shape-shifter, "You don't chase a shape-shifter." He can help to round them all up for Danko then he can take his shot.

Peter talks to God. He tells God he asked to be extraordinary and promised to make the world a better place. So when he got his chance he took it and for what. His friends are dying and does God even care? He's tired of fighting and he's angry. He's angry with his Father, Nathan, his Mother and God. They had a deal and he just needs God to show up. Just as he is about to light a candle the wind blows his match and all the other candles out. Agents enter the church and start rounding people up, looking for Peter and Angela. They hide in a confessional.

Sylar tosses Martin's, the suspect, apartment in order to figure him out and find him. Sylar says he's seen Danko's apartment, he's a shape-shifter too. He thought Danko would be better at figuring people out. He says Martin likes to try on personalities like he's trying on clothes. Danko wants to know if he's made a choice yet. Sylar says not yet, "like all of us he's still looking." Martin has been a doctor, a lawyer, a priest. Sylar figures he's looking for power. Danko asks why. Sylar says there's only two reasons, one, to screw with people or two, to screw people. Sylar points out that in a collection of photos Martin is different men with different women of allure. He's using power to look for love. Sylar says he's going to be in his usual hangout, he's a creature of routine. He holds up a matchbook and they leave as he tosses it into a key tray. We see the writing on the side, which reads, "Garden of Eden."

Claire is still drinking on Mexico. Her opponent complains that she doesn't even seem drunk. She laughs and pretends she is. The young guy says her Dad acts slick but he's a pretty good guy. She says he is but he always thinks he can just swoop in and save her and that makes everything okay. The guy says he gets it he's a product of divorced parents. She says it's not like that but then confesses that maybe it is. She just wants her Dad to take off his armor and be a human being for once. Then the kid passes out and she leaves with all the money and helping her Father.

Angela explains to Peter that she was going to be a teacher but her dreams began. She tried to warn people but no one would listen so she did it with lies and manipulation. She sacrificed everything, her friends, her marriage, her boys but it was the price she paid for saving the world. Then HRG opens the door to the confessional and stares at Angela. She freezes. He shakes he head and yells, "All clear."

Danko and Sylar arrive at the club and Sylar spots the shape-shifter right away. He's posing as Danko. Like we didn't see that one coming and yet somehow it's still satisfying. This is how we know the show is going in the right direction. Danko tries to move in too quickly. Sylar stops him. They watch the other Danko kissing a beautiful girl. Danko asks, "Why me?" Sylar says, "He's after power. He thinks that's something you have. He's trying to convert the power into love and doing a pretty good job of it too. He's a better you than you." The shifter, Martin, catches a glimpse of Danko talking with Sylar and disappears into the crowd.

Claire gets Nathan back to the hotel and tells him never to fly drunk ever again. He asks why she's not drunk. She points out the obvious that tissue regeneration includes her liver. He says he's so sorry. He messed up and he knows it. He was always trying to make things right with her. He gets a pit in his stomach every time he thinks of her. He thought if he just kept his distance when the time was right he'd make things right but she's all grown up and he missed his chance. He admits that he gave her a free pass in order to win her over in one big move. He says even now he's hiding behind her to avoid the mess he's made. He knows everyone is counting on him to fix it and he promises to try. He's going to fix it for all of them, Peter, his Mom and most of all Claire. Claire cries and is overwhelmed by what her Father has said. It was the moment she had been waiting for her whole life and she wasn't ready for it.

Danko finds Sylar in the club. He says he lost him and he must be gone for good this time. He leaves and tells Sylar to follow him. As they leave the club he turns and shoots Sylar. The real Sylar walks up behind Martin and says, "You killed him." Danko says, "No, he's still alive." Sylar smiles and turns on Martin who is laying on the ground bleeding. Sylar starts to do his thing when Danko says, "Can you do it without the-" and gestures to his head. Sylar smiles at the challenge and lays in on himself with relish.

Claire wakes up the next day to find her Dad awake and by the window waiting for her to wake up. He thanks her for bailing him out the night before. He says he didn't make any calls. He doesn't have any friends on Capitol Hill and he doesn't know what to do. He asks Claire for ideas. He says he over-reached and screwed up. He doesn't think he can do anything to fix things. Claire says over the years she imagined what he would look like, what he would do for a living and when she met him he was more than she had ever hoped for. He says that was just a fantasy. She says no, he can fly, "You're supposed to be Superman." And she leaves in tears.

Peter wakes Angela. She is happy she slept and she dreamt. She dreamt about an angel. She knows what they must do. They must find Nathan and Claire and bring the family together then go to see her sister. Peter is surprised to hear he has an Aunt he never knew about. And we're lead to believe she is one who has wings and can fly.

Claire waits for a bus to take her back to San Diego. Nathan catches up with her and asks her what she's doing. She tells him and asks what time it is. He shows her his watch is gone. She asks what happened to it. He reveals her necklace, the one she pawned. She's touched by the gesture. He puts it on her neck as he tells her he is going back to Capitol Hill to make things right. She thinks that's a good idea. Then he begins to walk away, stops, turns towards her and asks, "You comin'?" She smiles and walks towards him. He offers her his arm, she takes it and they walk away together.

HRG unzips a body bag to reveal Sylar, dead with a knife in the back of his head." An agent arrives to take care of the body. She asks if he's done. He walks away in shock. Peter stands near the door of the church smiling as he looks back and shakes his head. His mother joins him, takes his hand and they walk away together.

The agent gets into Danko's car and Danko asks, "How did that feel? Zipping up that body bag?" Sylar shape-shifts back into his normal self and says, "Cathartic, poetic, tactically fortunate. It'll be a lot easier for us to operate if everyone thinks I'm dead." Danko says if they do this, if they succeed he'll be the only one left. Sylar looks at him and says, "Funny how that works." And as "We Gotta Get Outta This Place" by The Animals plays in the background Danko and Sylar drive off into the sunrise.

This episode was a very creepy and slightly sexy beginning of a new direction for a show that was struggling to find solid ground. If this trend continues they might succeed in wooing back the audience that abandoned ship in the first half of the season. Either way it's refreshing for those of us who stuck around.

Heroes stars: Hayden Panettiere / Milo Ventimiglia / Ali Larter / Masi Oka / Zachary Quinto / James Kyson Lee / Greg Grunberg / Adrian Pasdar / more

Story by Erin MacMillan-Ramirez

Starpulse contributing writer