This week's episode of Heroes starts with a recap full of footage no one but the production staff has ever seen. Danko and Sylar look through the window of Danko's office. Danko says to Sylar, "See that agent over there, to work with us you'll need a new identity." Then he gives Sylar the agent's name and life in order for Sylar to work with Danko's team. So if you're among the many who fast-forward on their DVR after recording this show, you may have missed this part.

The beginning of the show opens with Claire asking, "So what now?" Nathan answers that he'll return to Washington "take responsibility for my mistakes and talk to the President." Is this a subtle apology from Tim Kring for how this season went way off track? As we know from last week they see Nathan on television conducting a live press conference from Washington as the same moment Nathan is eating a hamburger with his family. Nathan asks, "Who the hell is that?" HRG answers, "Sylar."

Then we cut to Sylar's apartment where he wakes up as the agent he is impersonating. He asks, "Why does this keep happening?" Then he changes back into his Sylar form and asks, "Who am I?" as he pulls a tooth from his mouth.

Parkman calls his ex-wife and lets her know that their son is doing fine. Hiro and Ando try to convince Parkman to help them fight the government and make all special people safe. Parkman says he's not going anywhere but back to his ex-wife. He warns them that the hunters are dangerous and will kill them if they are caught. Parkman tells them he has a family to protect now. His son is a game changer. Hiro and Ando say they understand and say goodbye then they plan how to take down the government agency that is hunting them.

Danko meets Sylar on a park bench and chastises him for walking around as himself. He tells Sylar his agent cover is buying him his freedom. Sylar says he found any extra tooth in his mouth and that he went to bed as himself and woke up as the agent. He's losing any sense of who he is. He's afraid he's rearranging his DNA too often. Danko tells him he must continue to pretend to be the agent. This allows him to come and go as he pleases. If he chooses to be himself Danko will be forced to hunt him. Sylar changes into the agent and Danko says, "Good, see you at work." Sylar with a day job, his worst nightmare. He uses his cutting mind power to slice the words, "I am Sylar," into his arm. It heals a moment after it is written but it stays long enough to become the Chapter title. In case it wasn't clear, it's "I Am Sylar." Apparently Sylar is having yet another identity crisis. When is this guy going to decide who and what he is? This is getting kinda old.

A man with special abilities (played by Clint Howard) is about to sit down and drink some hot cocoa when he receives a text message from Rebel telling him to get out of his house. Sylar walks up the hall of the apartment building as the cover agent and then turns into himself. He shows up magically in the guy's apartment. The gentle, shy man tells Sylar not to startle him because he could hurt Sylar. Sylar tells him that agents are coming and he must choose the agents or him. The man chooses Sylar. He says, "Good choice," and then slices his head off. By the time Danko and the other agents arrive Sylar is gone, the man's head has been sawed in half and Sylar has written in blood on the wall: "I am Sylar." The agent Sylar is posing as says, "Would you look at that? Guy's got some ego."

Back at the office Sylar is in Danko's office crying. He doesn't let Danko see that he's emotional. Danko tells Sylar his little stunt put him in an awkward position. Sylar says he found a text from Rebel on the dead guy's phone. Danko tells Sylar he needs his help. Sylar asks if he means his help or the agent's. Danko tells him he has to play dead. Sylar says that one of his eyes stayed blue for over an hour the day before. Danko says over the years he's lead different lives, had different wives and girlfriends and spoke eight different languages but he always knew who he was. He tells Sylar to find an anchor so he'll always no who he is. Danko shows him a pocket watch his father gave him that he uses as his anchor. Sylar takes it and listens to it. He says it's a Soviet military issue and it's running three minutes fast, picking up gaining half a second every hour. Danko is impressed and asks whom he killed to get that power. Sylar explains that's the only one that was ever really his.

Hiro and Ando break into Isaac's apartment and purposely trigger the alarm the agents have set up. Hiro explains that the agents will come and Ando will be the bait. Hiro cannot stop time if he is unconscious. Ando is tired of being the sidekick and thinks they should be equals. The agents arrive and fire tranquilizer darts. Hiro freezes time but this time Ando doesn't freeze. He is in Hiro's private frozen world. He touches the frozen dart that was meant for him and screams, "I don't have to be the bait!"

A beat cop delivers the evidence of the unsolved crime of Virginia Grey to Sylar, posed as the agent of course. Sylar slams the door on the cop and looks through his mother's belongings. He remembers murdering her as he looks through the glass globes. He's really assuring that he'll never be convicted of her murder since he's tampering with the evidence. And in an extremely weird, creepy and clichéd move Sylar warps into his own adopted mother and starts talking to himself as if he were her. He tells her he met his father and he was pathetic. He tells her he's angry because she didn't tell him the truth and he never felt like he belonged anywhere. He says he killed her and she says that there was no one left to love him after that but no she's back. Then he morphs back into himself to answer a knock at the door. Danko tells Sylar that they've found Rebel and he needs agent Taub to join him.

Hiro and Ando fight about who should be the bait and how they should handle taking the government agency down. Ando thinks he's like Batman and that Hiro is like Superman. Ando can work alone if he has to and Hiro is a lot fascist in his thinking. He thinks Hiro doesn't like being a superhero and he doesn't want anyone else to be one either. Hiro walks Ando over to where the darts are aimed and starts time again causing the darts to go into Ando. Then he finds a conveniently Asian agent who is the exact same size as him to pose as.

Meanwhile Danko and the agents are about to take Rebel down. Sylar finds him first. Rebel, Micah, tells Sylar he's forgotten who he really is and he can help him remember. Sylar tells him it's too late; he's joined the other side. Micah says they don't know how special he is and that he can save all the people with special abilities.

Hiro, posing as an agent, freezes time once they're in the van going back to Building 26. He turns off Ando's medication and tells him to play dead. After making time go again one of the agents asks Hiro, "Since when did you start wearing glasses?" Hiro is forced to freeze time again. Hiro and Ando make their escape and take the GPS unit the agents were using to make their way back to headquarters.

Danko catches up with Micah. Micah runs. The agents corner him at the edge of the river. Danko orders his agent to shot to kill. An agent who obviously has a problem killing a kid takes the kill shot. Sylar shows up later. Danko says they can't find the body. Sylar says he's not a healer and dead is dead. Danko asks why he didn't kill him and take his power. Sylar tells him his head is already swimming with all the powers he has acquired and that talking to machines seemed like overkill. So does this storyline.

Back in Sylar's apartment Micah wakes up on the couch and listens in as Sylar transforms back and forth between himself and his mother. His mom tells him he took Micah in because he was a lost little boy with no mommy to love him. Sylar realizes Micah is watching. Micah tells Sylar his mom could do something similar. It made her kind of crazy but once she learned to control it she did a lot of good. He tells Sylar he could do good things too. He could tell the President to stop hunting people with powers. Sylar tells Micah to leave and if he ever sees him again he'll kill the boy.

Sylar visits Nathan's office. He looks for something with Nathan's DNA on it. He has a conversation with his mother under a painting of a bird. Hello Hitchcock. He confesses that he feels like he can't be anything special because he killed his mother and she was the only woman who would ever really love him. His mother says she forgives him and that's why he lost himself. She says that's why he brought her back but now that he's been forgiven he can do anything. She says he can even become President. Sylar says his Mom is right he can become anything. Sylar shape-shifts into Nathan and says, "I won't let you down Ma."

Parkman paces through his ex-wife, Janice's, apartment and talks to his son about how he misses Janice but he can't use his powers to change her mind. Janice arrives and there's a happy family reunion for two seconds then Parkman says that agents are watching the house and they're in danger. He can hold them off but she needs to pack so they can leave.

Sylar, posing as Nathan says in his press conference that the President needs to meet with him and shake his hand. Once they shake hands nothing will ever be the same.

The real Nathan tells his family that he has to face Sylar alone. Angela warns him that he made that mistake before and it won't work. HRG says he'll expect Nathan to try to stop him and he'll be waiting for an attack. Peter says he'll help but Nathan insists on fixing it by himself.

Ando is very upset with Hiro for turning him to bait without his permission. Ando says he is an equal and deserves to be treated as one. Hiro agrees. They decide to stop time and infiltrate Building 26 together. They figured out that if Ando is touching Hiro when he stops time Ando can be unfrozen as well. Ando touches Hiro's shoulder and Hiro tries to stop time. Time does not stop. Instead Hiro's nose starts to bleed and he says his head hurts really bad.

Janice says she's packed and ready to go. Parkman sys he can't go with her. He can't live being hunted and putting his family in danger all the time. He must face the agency and stop them once and for all. He says he must do it or they'll never have a life together. Janice asks, "You want a life together?" He says he doesn't know but he wants a chance to find out. This feels a little awkward considering Daphne just died a couple of days ago and suddenly he's considering falling for Janice again. Although this was addressed in Daphne's dying scene and was a major part of Daphne deciding it was okay for her to slip away and not fight death. But it still feels tacky, Daphne is barely cold and he's moving on. Some men don't ever want to be alone. Agents surround the house. Parkman gathers his family around him and protects them with his powers.

Nathan arrives in his office to confront Sylar. He tells Sylar to get out of his body. Sylar tells him that he is fascinated by the fact that Nathan wants to destroy his power and it's the one thing that makes him special. Sylar explains that Angela gave him the ability to know the history of any object just by touching it. He says it was the jacket that told him how he betrayed his brother, his mother and his precious little Claire. Sylar is about to kill Nathan when Danko fires a tranquilizer dart into his back. Nathan drops to the ground. Sylar asks Danko why he did that. He tells Sylar that Nathan is a Senator and must be handled delicately. Then he fires another shot into his unconscious body. Danko tells Sylar he needs to become an agent again and help him take the others down. Sylar disagrees so Danko slams a six-inch blade pocketknife into the back of Sylar's head. Sylar goes down for a moment and then gets back up, pulls the blade out of his head and says, "That hurt." Oh blurg!

The preview for the season finale looks like a recap of the episode in which Sylar cut Claire's head open and took her power. It seems the writers are sending mixed messages as we approach the end of the season. Perhaps they are desperately trying to tie up loose ends and help to make this past season not only make sense but some how flow into next season. They have a lot resting on their ability to bring audiences back for another Chapter. Too bad they don't have the power to see into the future.

Heroes stars: Hayden Panettiere / Milo Ventimiglia / Ali Larter / Masi Oka / Zachary Quinto / James Kyson Lee / Greg Grunberg / Adrian Pasdar / more

Story by Erin MacMillan-Ramirez

Starpulse contributing writer