This week starts off with a shock. In a series of interesting close-ups, jump cuts and repeat edits Danko puts on shaving cream, places a straight razor into a guard and begins shaving his face. His alarm goes off telling him his front door is open. He wipes off the shaving cream, you'd think he's just leave it on, gets his gun out, which he always wears in it's holster, and makes his way to the front door. He closes the door and back tracks into his living room where he finds the Puppeteer gift-wrapped with a red bow and hanging from his ceiling in a makeshift theater stage complete with curtains, his curtains, from his windows. The Puppeteer opens his eyes suddenly, takes in a deep, gasping breath then closes his eyes again and seemingly passes out.

During the middle of a heavy downpour HRG jumps into a taxi next to Angela without an umbrella. She says this should be their last conversation, it's too dangerous for them to be seen talking. She picks on HRG for being too distracted to remember an umbrella on a cloudy day or use a proper razor (HRG has tiny bits of toilet paper stuck to his face). She says the sacrificing of family for their cause is a tragic byproduct of what they're doing and that the irony of her losing her sons in order to save her sons is not lost on her. HRG assures her that Nathan will forgive her to serve his own agenda. Angela thinks Peter will never forgive her, he's said his goodbyes. She says HRG has to get Danko to trust him by turning in a hero, she would offer herself if she were a better woman. HRG asks her what makes her so sure he hasn't already turned her in? She tells him he needs a bigger feather to put in Danko's hat, "give him Rebel and Danko will be your best friend," she says. She's going to leave the city before she gets caught and HRG has 15 minutes to catch the next rail to D.C. She gives him her umbrella and says, "Don't say I never did anything for you." HRG tells her not to go home and then, "Don't say I never did anything for you," and gets out to brave the rain and the reality of his situation.

Danko brings Suresh to his facility to show him the heroes he has in a sleep state stretched out on beds, hooked up to all kind of tubes and monitors. Suresh sees Daphne; she's not doing well, dying in fact. He says he has to get her to an emergency room in order to save her. Danko says he doesn't want to save her. Suresh asks, "Then why did you bring me here?" Danko answers, "I figured it'd be a whole lot easier than carrying you." Then they shock him and knock him out. Danko tells his men to, "hook him up." Then order them to make up a bed for Tracy. We cut to her, in her cell, under hot lights. She's able to create frozen breath even under the hot lights. Her powers are growing.

Danko tells HRG it's important for them to get along. Danko figures since the Puppeteer messed with his wife and daughter he might like to see the bad guy strung up. Danko says it, "My gift to you." The same phrase that was written on the oversized gift card hanging from the Puppeteer's hand in Danko's apartment. HRG asks how he caught him. Danko says he's smarter than the average bear. To return the favor HRG plans on capturing Rebel. They've tracked two messages to Tracy from Rebel. HRG plans to use Tracy as bait after letting her escape. Danko thinks it's dangerous. HRG says if anything goes wrong he will put a bullet in Tracy and call it self-defense. Danko agrees and says, "Let the rabbit run."

Meanwhile Hiro and Ando are trying to figure out if Matt Parkman has become a baby or if they are supposed to save the baby. Ando finds a photo of Matt and his ex-wife together and the baby keeps turning the TV on and saying "Daddy." They finally figure out that the baby has the power to turn things on and make them go when he touches them. Hiro calls him Baby Touch and Go. Hiro and Ando wonder if big Matt knows he has a son.

Angela has a vision of her driver being knocked out and her being captured. She tells her driver not to stop. He gets knocked out but she escapes. HRG tells Danko she escaped. Danko infers that she was tipped off. HRG says, "Or she saw it coming, she does that ya know." Then the lights go off and the computers go down. HRG looks around and says, "Rebel, rebel." It's nice when they use song references in an appropriate and not too obvious way. The heat lights go off in Tracy's cell and the door opens. She uses her power to freeze the locks and escapes. She follows the cameras to the room where the heroes are being held. She wakes up Suresh, Matt and Matt wakes Daphne. Tracy says Daphne will slow them down. She tries to go ahead but gets stopped by an armed swat team. Matt shows up and convinces them that the hall is all clear. They pass by as if the heroes aren't there. Matt asks Tracy if she's glad she waited for them. She says yes but as soon as they escape the facility she's going it alone. Danko tells HRG that if Tracy does lead him to Rebel he should kill them both and chalk it up to self-defense.

HRG catches up to Tracy in a department store as she's stealing clothes and shoes and planning her escape. He enters her dressing room and tells her he thinks he can pull his trigger faster than she can freeze him but he doesn't want to take that bet. She says to take it, she's been working on making ice in an oven and she's worked up a hell of a cold snap. Then the saleswoman interrupts. HRG asks for a smaller size. He asks, "Who is rebel?" She says she doesn't know. HRG makes a deal with her. He tells her to help him catch Rebel and he'll let her go. It won't be her old life but it will be freedom. Otherwise, if she tries to escape it'll be a cut to black and that's it.

Parkman and Suresh arrive at the hospital and place Daphne on a gurney. Doctors take over and ask what happened. Parkman lies and tells them they were duck hunting, she shot herself and her Father patched her up. He's a doctor and he thought it would be fine but it's not. She's septic and they have to prep her for surgery immediately. The doctor tells Parkman they have to report all gunshot wounds to the police. Parkman uses his powers to convince the doctor that it's clearly an accident so he won't report it and that Parkman should stay close. Parkman asks if she's going to make it. The doctor tells him they'll do all they can.

Hiro packs a diaper bag and gets ready to kidnap baby T&G. Ando wants to know why Hiro is acting like such a tough guy and why he's scared of the baby. Hiro finally admits he's not scared of the baby; he was scared to tell Ando that when he went back in time and saw his 12 year-old self his Mother died in his arms. He was afraid to speak of her death because he thought he might cry and he was trying to be brave for the baby. Their moment is interrupted by Baby T&G's mom coming home. They decide to hide in the closet amongst the stuffed animals E.T. style. It's sad enough that Baby T&G's mommy has to work all day and leave him with a babysitter but the fact that she bought him enough stuffed animals to pull this trick off is really sad.

Tracy walks past an ATM. It says her name. She walks up to it and money comes out of it, then a receipt that is a boarding pass and a locker number for Union Station. She says thank you to the ATM and grabs a cab. Micah walks up and grabs a cab too. We're not surprised that Rebel is Micah. We've been expecting it since Micah is the only hero who can manipulate computers with his mind and a touch. And we're finally getting some loose ends tied up and older characters are coming back who we grew to care about and were just dropped.

Angela meets with her ex-friend, Millie in a crowded restaurant. Angela is soaking wet and disheveled. Millie says, "My God what happened to you? You look like you were mugged and the first thing they took was your dignity." Great line. Millie goes on to explain that ten men interrupted her Pilates class to interrogate her about the company she kept. Angela tells Millie she is in trouble and needs her help. Millie says she could understand the moodiness and shoplifting after Arthur's death but what kind of trouble is she in? Angela says she dug a very deep hole for her sons and she's trying to help dig them out. Millie asks if she's looking for a shovel. She suggests that Angela turn herself in, "Just because there's a road is unfurling in front of you doesn't mean you have to take it." Angela apologizes for bothering her and tells her it was good to see her. Millie stops her and gives her everything in her wallet, a couple hundred dollars. Angela tells her to enjoy her lunch; Watercress Soup was always her favorite. Then she takes Millie's umbrella and leaves.

Hiro and Ando try to convince "Mother of Baby Matt Parkman" that they are there to save the baby. She's not buying any of it and threatens to call the police. She says they're all terrorists. Hiro tries to tell her that big Matt was set up. They are trying to make heroes look bad so they can arrest them and keep them in prison. There's a knock on the door. Hiro says it must be the police. She says she never called the police. She answers the door and tells the "cops" the baby is at the babysitter's and she'd be happy to take them there. They begin to leave as the "cop" says to search the house. Ando uses his power in a new way. He balls up the energy and throws it at the bad guys. This happily surprises Ando. The bad guy punches Ando in the jaw. Hiro closes his eyes tightly and squints to try and make all the bad things stop and suddenly he's able to stop time again. Baby Touch and Go turned Hiro's ability "on" again. Hiro then walks over to Ando, touches his shoulder and tries to teleport them out of the house but it doesn't work. Hiro is forced to her a wheelbarrow, put Ando in it and walk him away from the house.

Daphne wakes up in a private room surrounded by flowers, balloons and cards that say Ms. Stefani. She asks Parkman if he convinced them that she was Gwen Stefani. He says yes. He tells her she's been sleeping for two days and they've been pumping her full of the best antibiotics, "nothing but the best for Ms. Stefani. She asks who was "Duck Hunting Janice?" Parkman explains she was his ex-wife and the duck hunting really happened but no one got shot. Daphne says he had to use his ex-wife's back-story because they don't have one. He says sure they do. Daphne tells him to face facts. He only loves her because a vision told him he would. She tells him it's all in his head; she doesn't want to be his surrogate Janice. She gets dressed, tells him it was nice meeting him and she means it, but she's leaving. Then she speeds off.

Tracy opens the locker to find passports and everything she'll need to escape. Micah shows up and says they're sitting next to one another. Tracy gets upset and tells him she didn't know it was him who was posing as Rebel. She didn't think it would be Micah. He figures out that she was acting as bait. He says he knows she's not his Mother but he never thought she'd turn on her own kind. He enacts his exit strategy and saves Tracy again.

Angela tries to elude her pursuers. She sees men on the street coming from both ways. She ducks into a building and races to the elevator before the men can catch up to her. The elevator starts to go up. The men hotwire the elevator and make it stop then force it to come back down. Then there is a sound on the roof of the elevator and Angela smiles. The doors open to reveal Peter holding his Mother, tucking her safely under his arm. Peter smiles smugly at the swat team who've drawn their guns. Then Peter and Angela fly off to safety leaving the men stunned.

As Micah and Tracy walk into a parking garage Tracy says Micah must have been a Boy Scout because he's prepared. He says she clearly wasn't one because their first code of conduct is to be trustworthy and she sucks at that. He thought that she would live up to her bio. She got into politics to protect the civil liberties of the everyday American. He read everything in her files. He thought that because she looked like his Mom that he would know her. She said maybe if he had met her earlier in her career maybe she would be like that but not now. He says he knows she's nothing like his Mom. His Mom, who was an everyday American was a hero, she's just a politician. She asks who's he, Che Rivera? He says Che was a revolutionary; this is a rebellion. The bad guys catch up with them. She tells Micah to make the sprinklers come on then she tells him to go and stay ahead of the ice. He runs away. She confronts the bad guys. As they are about to fire at her she freezes everything in the parking garage including herself. Micah narrowly escapes. Danko walks up to the frozen Tracy and shoots her causing her to shatter. HRG walks up behind him and says, "She said she had a hell of a cold snap." Danko asks if there was any sign of Rebel, HRG says no. Then HRG bows his head in sadness.

Hiro walks 12 miles away from the house pushing Ando in the wheelbarrow while carrying the baby in a Snugli. He grabs a bottle from another Mom at the bus station while he has everyone frozen then sits on a bench and talks to the baby. He tells the baby he will see his Mother again once he is safe and she will be very proud of him because he is very brave and didn't cry. He says it's okay if he cries while everyone is frozen but once they unfreeze he must be brave again. He takes a moment then unfreezes everyone and explains what happened to Ando. He tells Ando they must find big Matt Parkman and they will because time is once again on their side.

Daphne sits on top of the Je'taime sign staring at the Eiffel Tower in Paris. Parkman shows up on the same rooftop. Daphne questions him until he reveals he can fly. She's shocked by his new power. He asks how she got to Paris. She says she ran on water. She can run on anything except air and the vacuum of space or she would go to the moon. He asks if she wants to see Paris like she's never seen it before. She says, "Once around the tower," and climbs on top of his feet. He holds her as they fly over Paris. She says, "You really would do anything for me wouldn't you?" He says, "Just say the word." She says, "Then let me go." She tells him she knows they're still in the hospital and this is all in her head and that he's just trying to give her a storybook ending. He says he's sorry she says don't be, she's not. He says he was just trying to make her happy. She says it's time for him to make himself happy. She asks him to do one more things for her. "Fly me to the moon. He does. Then they cut to the hospital room where they are in reality. Daphne lies in a hospital bed. Parkman sits by her side crying. Suresh stands next to Parkman trying to comfort him as Daphne flat lines and dies. A very sad ending but we finally are getting some realistic consequences in this series again.

Peter and Angela stand in the crown on the Statues of Liberty looking out over the city. He asks his Mother, "So what do you want to do now?" The camera pulls back and the show cuts to black. The preview for next week promises that Sylar is coming back and he's in the mood to kill. And we see Claire in the preview as well. It's funny how good this episode was without Sylar and Claire. This proves two things: one, the show is good even without Sylar so if he did leave the show we'd still watch; and two, the show is better without the annoying Claire storyline which goes no where dragging a whiney girl with powers no one seems to know what to do with behind her. Hopefully the new writers can find a way to make her interesting again. And with the death of two major characters the stakes have been raised and viewers will feel a sense of danger in future episodes. Finally there's a good reason to watch this show again it's good again.

Heroes stars: Hayden Panettiere / Milo Ventimiglia / Ali Larter / Masi Oka / Zachary Quinto / James Kyson Lee / Greg Grunberg / Adrian Pasdar / more

Story by Erin MacMillan-Ramirez

Starpulse contributing writer