After last week's exciting episode we join our Heroes digging in the dirt. They're unearthing the remains of people killed in Coyote Sands decades ago. Peter questions what they're doing in the middle of the desert digging up graves. Nathan says when Mom has a dream they should listen. Claire tells Peter to give Nathan a chance, "he's carrying enough guilt for all of us." Peter says, "He's charmed you too. Don't worry it happens to all of us." Then he asks Angela for answers about the aunt he never knew about.

The show flashes back in black and white to 1961. Angela, her sister Alice and their parents arrive at Coyote Sands and meet Chandra Suresh, Mohinder's father. They will be staying in a camp like environment with others like them. Once Angela and Alice settle into their bunks they meet Charles Deveraux, Bobby Bishop and Daniel Linderman as teenagers. Angela promises to protect Alice and tells her she'll never leave her and she'll take care of her. It's been raining all day but as soon as Angela makes her promise the skies clear and the sun begins to shine.

Angela explains that 1961 was a different time. Kennedy was President and they were all Patriots. They believed that the government was trying to help them. They thought they could be cured. Angela says she needs something of her sister to give her a proper burial. She explains that the company started there after Alice and her parents were killed along with everyone else staying at the camp. Angela was the cause of all the manipulation, lies, erasing memories, kidnapping and killings. She was one of the original members who started the nightmare. She tells them they need to start the company again and go back to the old way of handling things. They need to do whatever it takes to erase the past and start their lives over again. Peter says he'll never be a part of her plans and flies away. Nathan zips up his coat and says, "I'll get him," then flies off too.

Back in 1961 Charles tells Angela that the whole camp is one big science experiment. Linderman sees a scar on the back of Angela's calf and asks her how she got it. She says a bike accident. He touches her scar and heals it. Charles tells her they're nothing but lab rats. Angela tells her the military is trying to help them. Charles tells her to start believing the truth. She tells Charles she's had dreams about everyone dying and she doesn't trust Dr. Suresh. Alice comes out and calls for Angela. Angela tucks her into bed and tells her sister, whom she calls "Banana", that her feet are cold. Angela tells Alice she will get her some socks as soon as she can. Alice reveals that she thinks she can control the weather and makes it snow. Angela sees the snow falling outside the window and believes her. Then she asks Angela, "Is Dr. Suresh going to come for me?"

Back in the present Angela tells Claire she's so proud of her for being so brave and so strong. Claire dug up those graves without batting an eye. Claire says she hasn't figured everything out yet but she's trying. She asks Angela what happened to her sister. Angela asks her is she's ever done something so bad that if she talked about it she'd never stop crying? Then the wind blows the screen door open and dust blows into the abandoned bunkhouse. A dust storm begins to rage outside. Claire asks where the storm came from. Angela tells her it's impossible but it's Alice who is causing the storm and she's still alive.

Nathan finds Peter sitting in the Coyote Sands Café having a cup of coffee. He tells Peter he can't just run away every time things get hard. Peter reminds him that he's the one who ran away from the mess he made in Washington. He tells Nathan he's still mad about missing the World Series back in 1986. Their Dad had two tickets to a play-off game and two tickets to a World Series game. Nathan convinces him to go to the play-off game. Nathan says it was to make sure he saw a game. Peter says it was because he wanted to save the World Series tickets for himself, just in case. And it worked Nathan got to see Mookie Wilson in game six. Nathan is bewildered asking how he was supposed to know the Mets would beat the Astros. A storm alert blares on the TV in the café.

HRG wanders around in the middle of the dust storm looking for Claire. Something hits him in the back of the head. He falls to the ground. Someone drags him away through the dust. Suresh slams HRG up against the wall of a bunkhouse and questions him about why he's there. He thinks HRG followed him there. HRG explains what happened to Angela at the site and then asks Suresh what he's doing there. Suresh hands him a file on his father and explains he's looking for answers.

Flashback to 1961 and Angela is being questioned by Dr. Suresh. He holds up cards and she guesses what each of them is. He's impressed. She explains she's not reading his mind she had a dream about taking this test. He asks if her dreams always come true. She says sometimes they're hard to interpret. He asks what else she dreamed about. She says he's going to kill everyone, he won't mean to but things will get out of his control and he'll be forced to. He doesn't believe her and assures her that everyone with abilities is important to him. He asks her to think of the possibilities is they can harness people's powers and help the world with them. She says all she can see are her nightmares. He quotes Einstein. Angela finishes his sentence. He asks if she's read Einstein. She says no, she dreamt he would say that. Dr. Suresh says her dreams are open to interpretation and that she should relax. Then he gives he a shot.

In the present she tells Claire she tried to warn everyone, she tried to save everyone but no one would listen. She knows Alice is causing the storm and she needs to go find her. Claire tells her it's too dangerous. Angela goes out anyway. As soon as she does the storm stops. Suresh tells HRG that he thinks his father was a monster. HRG tells him not to make assumptions until he knows the truth. Nathan asks if there's any sign of Angela. Peter takes off to look for her. Nathan asks Suresh to go with him.

In a bunkhouse Suresh finds a syringe and a vile. He tells Peter his father performed experiments on people with abilities and he followed in his dad's footsteps. He wasn't doing research for science; he did it for self-interest. He says he's corruptible, weak and selfish. Peter says he knows Suresh and he's a good person. He says his mother is trying to start a new company and he won't have any part of it. Suresh says the first company was born of fear and pain from what happened in Coyote Sands, but perhaps the new company can redeem the old one. He thinks Peter's good heart and strong morals could change things for the better and help Angela's intentions come to pass. He says he has to believe there's hope for redemption, he has to in order to survive.

Nathan and HRG paired up with Claire. HRG says he and Nathan messed things up and they need to make things right again. HRG tells Nathan Danko is working with Sylar and Sylar is a shape-shifter. Claire interrupts to tell them that she can't remember the last book she read or the last movie she saw. She misses her old life and she wants to know when she can go back. She says she should be a basket case, digging up graves and becoming an agent but she's not. She tried so hard to impress her fathers and grow up so fast. Nathan explains that all any teenager wants and she can't fault herself for that. Claire says, "Maybe not but there was a time when I wanted to become a doctor, a chef, a class president not an agent."

Back in 1961 Charles tells Angela to say her goodbyes and take off with them to get help. He tells Angela to lie to Alice in order to get her to stay behind. Alice says she's scared and the wind kicks up. Angela tells Alice she had a dream and that if Alice stayed there she would be all right.

Angela wakes up in an underground bunker on Alice's old bedding. She looks around and sees newspapers and canned food everywhere. She looks over at a staircase and sees a woman walking down towards her. She's a wild-haired woman wearing tattered, ill-fitting clothing. Angela asks, "Alice?" The woman ignores her and instead plays a record on her turntable.

Back in 1961 Angela tells the boys the police don't believe her. The boys sit around eating French fries as if it's no big deal. She tells them they're acting like children. Linderman says they're enjoying the moment. Charles asks her to dance. He says she missed her prom and she loves the song that's playing. She says she never told him that. They get up and dance until the cook yells at them and tells them they don't allow colored people to dance with whites in that restaurant. Charles uses a mind power ability to convince him he meant no harm and to forget about the whole thing. Everyone in the restaurant forgets and goes back to their business. Charles looks at Angela and tells her, "We don't have to be afraid Angela." Angela suddenly remembers that she needs to get socks for Alice. Alice only packed books and toys and forgot to bring extra clothes and socks so her feet were cold. Angela promised to get her socks. A severe storm warning comes over the radio. Angela yells at Charles, "We have to get back to Alice, now!"

In the present Alice tells Angela she hardly recognized her because she's grown old. She asks if she looks older too. Angela tells her she looks beautiful and asks her if she's been there for fifty years. Alice tells her that when she found the bunker it was filled with food. After it was gone she stole what she needed, food, clothes, other things. Angela asked why she stayed all those years. Alice says it's because she told her she would be safe if she stayed, the world would be safe. Angela asks, "From you?" Alice nods her head in agreement.

In 1961 Dr. Suresh came for Alice. He tried to inject her. She became frightened and caused a storm. He chased her outside. He tried to calm her but when she continued to fight he slapped her across the face. Her father came to protect her and used his powers to push Suresh to the ground. The military opened fire on him, killing him and all the others. Alice hid and survived.

In the present Angela tells her it's time to go home and she has socks for her. She explains that anytime she felt lost or didn't know what to do she would steal socks for Alice to remind her that there are simple ways to protect the ones she loves. Then she admits that she lied to Alice all those years ago to protect her. Alice becomes enraged and starts a storm. She commands lightening to strike at Angela. Suresh and Peter arrive and try to help save Angela. Alice hits them with lightening bolts while the wind rages around them. Alice cries and faces the door. Angela tries to explain that Peter is her nephew. She tells Alice she has a family and not to punish them for her mistakes. The storm dissipates and Angela tries to convince Alice that it's time to go home. She tells her to say goodbye. Alice says, "No," and walks away.

Peter tells Suresh that Alice is gone. Suresh says judging from her reaction he can guess what his father was doing. He tells Peter he's not going with him. He's not ready to move on or forgive himself yet. They say their goodbyes and Peter leaves.

Angela stares at HRG, Peter, Nathan and Claire as they eat in the Coyote Café. She remembers her past and we flashback to 1961 again. Angela sits at a table with Charles, Bobby and Linderman. She tells them they aren't children anymore and they have to protect themselves. She says she had a dream, they're going to start a company and that they are going to do whatever they have to keep themselves safe. She says people should be scared of them because of what they can do. They have to keep their secret safe in order to be safe.

In the present Nathan tells Angela to forgive herself. She sits down to eat with her family. Peter says they're not a company, they're a family and families have the capacity to forgive one another. He says they should start over, try to contain their secret and regain a normal life. Nathan says he'll go back to Washington and talk to the President. Just then a news report shows Nathan talking to the press during a live press conference. Claire sees it and says, "Looks like you already have." Nathan sees himself and asks, "Who the hell is that?" HRG says, "Sylar."

This week was not as exciting or as well paced as last week's episode but flashback stories never are. This new Sylar development could prove very interesting. With only two more episodes left to keep us on the hook for a new season this storyline has its work cut out for itself.

Heroes stars: Hayden Panettiere / Milo Ventimiglia / Ali Larter / Masi Oka / Zachary Quinto / James Kyson Lee / Greg Grunberg / Adrian Pasdar / more

Story by Erin MacMillan-Ramirez

Starpulse contributing writer