Peter and The Haitian track down The Haitian's brother, the impenetrable Godlike leader of a Haitian army named Baron Sandi. The Haitian demands to know why Peter tracked him down. Peter says, "I needed to know I could be a hero without my powers." So that's what all this tromping through the jungle has been about.

Claire's Mom takes Claire to the emergency room. She's infected badly. The infection looks really old. The ER nurse demands to know how long it's been since she was shot. Claire's Mom says it just happened. The nurse replies in disbelief, "Either she hasn't been sick in her whole life or you're lying."

Sylar and Gabriel make love on the floor of Stephen's empty house. HRG had his gun trained on them last week while they were kissing, so he must have waited until after watching them have sex to shoot at them, kinky. They see the little red dot so they run. Why does anyone use that red dot anymore? HRG follows the blood trail, reloads his gun and screams, "I want you to be scared just like Claire!" Nothing like a guy with a vendetta and a gun in the middle of an eclipse when no one else has any special powers to get your blood pumping.

Meanwhile back in the jungle The Baron is doing very bad things. You know that the Baron is a bad guy because he's turning a girl into a prostitute. Nathan rails against the injustice. The Baron says, "It is not for her to decide if she is happy or sad."

Back at the lab Arthur holds Suresh hostage and has Flint muscle him until he finds a cure.

Claire's Mom calls HRG and tells him to get over to the hospital immediately. He says he'll be there as soon as he can, he's taking care of something. Claire's Mom tells HRG they're asking questions at the hospital and she doesn't know what to tell them.

HRG says, "Tell them what I would tell them." Claire's Mom answers, "You mean lie." How this marriage is holding together is anyone's guess.

Daphne has cerebral palsy. She claims she's a bad person, that Parkman doesn't really know her and that he needs to leave her alone. Of course he doesn't, duh, he loves her.

Suresh can't trick Flint into drugging him so he beats Flint unconscious and runs away to see Maya.

Hiro and Ando are looking for answers in a comic book store by reading back issues of "9th Wonder."

Sylar and Elle make their way into a supermarket and take over the band-aid aisle. Sylar dresses Elle's wound as an employee comes over and sheepishly asks, "May I help you?" Sylar reaches into his pocket, throws some money on the floor and says, "No, were fine here." Hello denial. Sylar says they have to split up. Elle says they have to stick together, set a trap and lead HRG into it.

Peter and The Haitian knock The Baron out cold just as he was about to rape the girl he was turning into a prostitute.

The guy at the comic book store thinks that the eclipse is to blame for their loss of powers and that they'll get them back after it's over. Then Parkman looks in the comic book and sees Daphne running in the near future so he knows everything will be okay. Doesn't everyone wish they had a little illustrated instruction book for life? Hiro gets upset because of all the bad things he sees in the comic books and decides he doesn't want to grow up.

Peter saves Nathan from the cell The Baron had him chained in.

Claire wakes up and feels a lot of pain. The antibiotics aren't working and she goes into septic shock.

Sylar tricks Elle, throws her into an empty loading elevator and sends her down a floor. HRG catches up with Sylar and beats him bloody. Sylar says to HRG, "If only Claire could see you now." HRG tells him to shut up and then slits his throat with a box cutter and leaves him for dead. Doesn't this guy watch this show? No one dies.

Which brings us to the point where Claire is supposed to be dead but the eclipse ends just in the nick of time and she wakes up and heals. So predictable. This was the moment they could have changed the series, raised the stakes and gotten rid of Claire's terrible wig. Instead they bring her back and put her back on the same little merry-go-round storyline.

Daphne gets her powers back and talks to her scarecrow about how bad she feels. Parkman finds her in the cornfield talking to a scarecrow that Daphne made back when she was 13. She went back to the farm to set things right with her Father. She runs over to the house and hugs her Dad. All it took was a hug. We should all invite the writers of this show over for Christmas dinner to solve all of our family problems with hugs.

Back in the jungle the men try to escape. Peter holds the bad guys off until he runs out of bullets. Just when he's giving himself up Nathan and The Haitian show up and save him. Then The Haitian kills his own brother, The Baron. Bummer.

Suresh arrives at Maya's apartment and knocks on the door. Maya takes a minute getting to the door. Just enough time for Suresh to notice that his scales have returned and he is a monster again. He hides around the corner as Maya comes to the door, then he slinks away without seeing her.

Hiro is hiding in the comic book store bathroom refusing to save the world when Seth Green playing one of the comic book store owners convinces Hiro to become a hero. They figure out where he's supposed to be and what he's supposed to do so he blinks off to do it.

HRG goes home to get chastised by Claire Bear for like the four hundredth time. She whines at her father saying she needed him and he wasn't there for her again. Then Sylar and Elle show up in order to capture Claire. HRG reveals that Sylar's parents are not Arthur and Angela Petrelli and that they are lying to him in order to use his powers. He tries to get Elle to reveal the truth, reminding her that Sylar killed her father. Then Hiro shows up and pops Sylar and Elle off somewhere. Then pops back and picks up Claire and pops out again.

Parkman and Daphne show up at the comic book store to get Hiro only to find that Hiro is gone. Then Seth tells this really silly urban legend story about how Isaac left his notebook with the last sketches he ever drew to a bike messenger. If they can find the bike messenger then they can save the world. Houston, we have a problem with this storyline, it's really dumb.

Nathan and Peter chat in the jungle about how Nathan wants to use his powers to help the innocent around the world. And he thinks giving powers to "the right people" would be a great thing. He's beginning to agree with his Father.

Arthur hovers over an unconscious Flint. Suresh has returned to the lab, where else can he go, he's covered in scales? Arthur points out that the eclipse revealed who people really are, "Desperate, angry and weak." Then he gives Suresh some advice saying, "That monster inside of you, that's something you're going to have to take care of all by yourself."

Sylar and Elle were sent to a beach. Sylar realizes that he'll never change and that they are both damaged goods so he kills Elle and takes all of her power. Or so we're lead to believe.

Hiro and Claire stand inside the penthouse apartment in New York 19 years ago looking out at the patio where Hiro's dad is handing over Claire to HRG. They are following along in the comic book Hiro brought along. Claire freaks out when she realizes what she is witnessing and the episode is over.

After a very shaky and choppy episode it seems "Heroes" might be getting back on track. The next episode claims to bring everything together in an exciting conclusion to this storyline. They certainly have a lot of making up to do.

Heroes stars: Hayden Panettiere / Milo Ventimiglia / Ali Larter / Masi Oka / Zachary Quinto / Dania Ramirez / Kristen Bell / Noah Gray-Cabey / James Kyson Lee / Greg Grunberg / Adrian Pasdar / Malcolm McDowell / more

Story by Erin MacMillan-Ramirez

Starpulse contributing writer