Henry Cavill is the newest actor to play Superman in Man of Steel, and he looks the part. Cavill got his Superman body the old fashioned way, by working out hard, and he explained what helped him push through when mere mortal men would call it a day.

“When you feel that you can't push any harder or you can't lift any more weight, you think, ‘Well, hold on a second. I've got to look like Superman. There's a whole bunch of people out there who are relying on me to be that super hero.'” Cavill said. “So it really helped to push those extra few reps and just become that character.”

Man of Steel takes a different approach to the Superman story, but that doesn’t alleviate any of the pressure on Cavill. “Playing an icon, you don't try to be an icon because that defeats the purpose,” he said. “The responsibility attached is enormous, and the realization that it actually really, really matters meant that I wanted to put the most amount of work into representing the character properly. And that especially applied when I was working out in the gym.”

Man of Steel is in theaters Friday.