Heath Ledger has asked 'Brokeback Mountain' co-star Jake Gyllenhaal to be his baby's godfather. The actors got so close while shooting the gay cowboy drama, Heath decided he wanted Jake to be involved in his daughter's life. The 'Donnie Darko' star admits he was thrilled to be asked to help raise little Matilda, Heath's daughter with partner Michelle Williams.

Jake told Daily Mirror newspaper: "Heath and I are best friends now, making the film was very intense for us. I'm actually godfather to Heath's daughter Matilda which is an amazing honor."

Heath recently revealed he loves his new role as a dad - even though all he does now is cook and wash up. The Hollywood hunk says he's happily settled into domestic life since Michelle gave birth last October.

He said at the time: "My life right now is, I wouldn't say reduced to food, but my duties in life are that I wake up, cook breakfast, clean the dishes, prepare lunch, clean those dishes, go to the market, get fresh produce, cook dinner, clean those dishes and then sleep if I can.

"And I love it. I actually adore it."