Like mother, like son.  Series star Alex O’Loughlin has an uncanny ability to morph from full-on ass-kicking ninja to a broken little boy with just a shift of those dazzling facial features.  The image of a vulnerable and betrayed McGarrett gaping in utter disbelief at his off-screen and presumed dead mother was a powerful one that has dogged me for most of the summer.  Entertainment Weekly reports that Emmy-winner Christine Lahti has been cast as the elusive Doris McGarrett and will recur throughout the season.  Her "death" was the impetus for Steve’s dangerous and isolated life as a Navy SEAL, so it’s only fair that the entire team will be extremely guarded and skeptical of this mysterious and secretive mother. reports that “the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree,” so it’s only a matter of time before Mama McGarrett is dodging bullets and tossing perps into shark tanks?  Mother, may I!  

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