MTV is taking a slightly different approach to Valentine's Day. The network is celebrating the holiday by launching Failosophy, its new half-hour show where a panel of comedians skewers the greatest fails from the Internet. It's World's Dumbest only cooler and with less police dash-cam video. BFTV caught up with Failosophy's host, comedian Hasan Minhaj, to talk about what audiences can expect and his own best fail.

"This show's all about social media," explained Hasan, who's best known for his web series The Truth with Hasan Minhaj, which brought him to the attention of Failosophy producers. "In terms of the fails that users submit, I always find that the funniest [are] when people either are completely oblivious to it or incredibly overconfident. And people put this stuff on willingly and signed off on it [for the show]. That, to me, is funny."

Hasan doesn't have to poke fun at other people's mistakes and mishaps by himself. Failosophy gives him a rotating panel of other comedians and MTV personalities to work opposite. Some of the folks appearing this season include Nikki Glaser and Sara Schaefer from the network's recently-launched Nikki & Sara Live, and Damien Lemon and Charlamagne Tha God from Guy Code. Who would Hasan love to see join the fun? "I'd love different types of panelists from different backgrounds," he said, suggesting journalists as one possibility.

For him, hosting Failosophy has been an amazing gig that's taken him from viral video star to nationwide television personality. It's even led to one crazy moment he's not going to forget anytime soon. "We filmed the whole series at the old TRL studio in Times Square," he explained. "When we were filming it, I was like, 'I don't know.' And as I'm taking the escalator down, I see Jerry Seinfeld just walking through Times Square. And he just kind of looked over at me. I was like, 'Maybe this is supposed to happen.' And the tapings only got better and better. MTV's been so gracious towards giving comedians in particular chances in their own programming."

Hasan was a latecomer to the art of comedy, first being exposed to it in college, when he saw Chris Rock's 2004 HBO special Never Scared. "I was just like 'Okay. he's talking and people are listening, and he gets to talk about what he's really thinking about?'" he reflected. Since then, he's appeared on MTV's own Disaster Date, E!'s Chelsea Lately and even ventured into acting, playing the character of Seth on ABC Family's original series State of Georgia. You can find a lot more of his awesomeness at

While he's paid to mock other people's fails, it's worth noting that Hasan is willing to poke fun at himself just as much as anyone else. Asked what he'd consider his own biggest fail, he admitted to checking up on an ex-girlfriend's Facebook when disaster struck. "I was on my phone [and] I acidentally liked one of her old statuses," he said, and unliking it wasn't going to do him any good. "She [was] going to get that notification. When you're stalking online via a mobile device, just be aware of that," he quipped.

In addition to his work on Failosophy, Hasan is still working on his own material. It makes him the perfect host for the show, because he's aware of the power of the Internet, having built his own fan base online through The Truth and other sketches. "We put out new videos every couple of weeks," he said, citing Louis C.K., Bill Burr and the late Patrice O'Neal as three of his favorite comedians. "It's been so encouraging to see [that] you put your heart into these projects," he said, "and people, when they vibe with it online, they really spread it." And sometimes, you end up hosting your own show on MTV.

You can follow Hasan on Twitter (@HasanMinhaj). He'll be live-tweeting during tonight's Failosophy premiere at 10:30 PM ET/PT from @FailosophyMTV as well - but you can watch the whole first part of the show right now by clicking below!

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