It's St. Patrick's Day, and there are plenty of Hollywood stars who were born and bred in Ireland.

Perhaps one of the most well-known Irish actors is Colin Farrell. The 37-year-old was born in Castleknock, Dublin. He kicked off his acting career playing Danny Byrne on the Ireland-set drama, "Ballykissangel."

Farrell made his American debut in the 2000 war drama "Tigerland." He has appeared in films including "Minority Report," "Phone Booth," "The Recruit," "S.W.A.T.," "Alexander," and "Miami Vice."  His most recent credits include "Horrible Bosses," "Total Recall" and "Winter's Tale."

Pierce Brosnan, 60, is also a widely popular Irish actor. He was born in Navan, Meath, Ireland. American audiences know him from the 1980s TV series "Remington Steele," and, of course, his role as 007 in several James Bond films.

Brosnan has also appeared in films including "The Thomas Crowne Affair" and "After the Sunset."  He stars in the upcoming drama "A Long Way Down" about a group of strangers who bond on New Year's Eve.