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Amazing "Watchmen" Aerosol Graffiti Time Lapse Video

Four pages too many about Jessica Simpson - Vanity Fair

Fox Orders A Second Season Of Fringe - Seat42f

Subliminal advertising: Superman Eragon X-Men III. - Douchewatcher

Happy Cinco de Cuatro! - L.A. Times

The seven most horrific horse racing wrecks - Coed Magazine

Swine flu fashion: pimp my mask! - Oddee

How Esquire magazine will sell millions of copies of their June Issue - Popoholic

Hot video of Megan Fox from Esquire mag - Esquire

Here's 10 great uses for carpet scraps (we prefer hardwood floors though) - This Old House

Will, Holly, and Rick are in trouble, and Chaka is the only one who can save them! - Land of the Lost game

Megan Fox's Esquire video is amazingly hot; but ruined by some crappy Chris Cornell song - On 205th

Megan Fox also looks fantastic on the June issue of Elle magazine - Celebrity Smack


"I never used to panic about how I looked but since I've been living in London it's becoming increasingly difficult. It's another reason why I can't wait to go to university where I can be truly anonymous." Harry Potter star Emma Watson is counting the days until she starts her studies at England's prestigious Cambridge University later this year.

"I know a lot of people really like it. But I can't get over the really sh--ty special effects and the hammy acting." Former Lost star Dominic Monaghan refuses to watch cult British sci-fi show Doctor Who.

"It's humiliating. The biggest, most painful thing for me is that I had all those people I inspired and I let them down." Actress Kirstie Alley is ashamed she piled on the pounds again after slimming down in 2006.

"OMG. Was just introduced to Joan Collins. Shook her hand and went to kiss her on the cheek - 'I don't kiss people I don't know.' Amazing!" Singer Lily Allen takes to her page to laugh off a snub by the veteran actress.

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