Happy 4th of July: Top 10 Most Patriotic Movie Characters

God bless America! What better way to celebrate the 4th of July than to hunker down with some of the best movies celebrating our beloved nation and beat the heat inside with some air conditioning? In American cinema, there are plenty of films that center on patriotic themes and storylines. But what often doesn’t get looked at are the characters who make these movies tick.

These 10 characters are true patriots who love the United States of America just a little more than the average person on your movie screen. From colonial soldiers, to superheroes who proudly display the red, white and blue, these characters fight for freedom and the stars and stripes with every chance they get. Take a look:



With a name that quintessentially American, how could this historian, cryptologist and freelance treasure hunter NOT love his country? Nicolas Cage played Gates, a man who tried to stop a team of rival treasure hunters from stealing the Declaration of Independence and ultimately tracking down a long hidden national treasure. Following a list of clues and guidelines set forth since colonial times, Gates risks life and limb to keep that precious document safe and protect other important relics of American history along the way. He was even offered a huge cut of the treasure when it was discovered, and he turned it down because he loved America too much. Geez dude, get a room.

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