Hanson have made their documentary video, "Strong Enough To Break," available as a podcast via Apple's iTunes. The video quickly became one of the most popular podcasts on iTunes and early subscribers received sneak peaks at the band's "Taking The Walk" video podcast, which chronicles the making of their upcoming album of the same name, arriving May 22.

Strong Enough To Break takes viewers behind the scenes of the a band's struggle with Island/Def Jam while recording their third album, Underneath. This marks the first time the film has been made available to the public, and it is free.

"We hope that Strong Enough To Break is so much more powerful now that it's free and available to the public. We think a lot of bands can relate, too," said singer/keyboardist Taylor Hanson. "We were approached by professors after we'd finish presenting the film, asking if we could put it on DVD so they could show it to their future classes. "

Hanson's new album will be released May 22 on 3CG records, the band's own label. The first single, "Great Divide," was released in November to iTunes in an effort to raise money for AIDS/HIV hospitals in South Africa. It was the band's visit to that country that helped shape the mood of this new album-- a much more mature and soulful Hanson, at times straight up rock, and at others uplifting gospel.

Overall, Taking The Walk is truly an inspired record, created with the help of friends like Fastball's Miles Zuniga, Boston-based songwriter Bleu, The Nixons' Zac Maloy, and veteran producer Danny Kortchmar (Neil Young, Bon Jovi).

You can get the podcast here.

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