Perhaps. The promo for the next episode, “Hassun” previews a new crop of murders that are suspiciously similar to the ones Will Graham is accused of committing. The synopsis of the episode states as follows: WILL GRAHAM’S TRIAL BEGINS, BUT WHEN AN AVID FAN STARTS RECREATING CRIMES SIMILAR TO THOSE WILL IS ACCUSED OF COMITTING, EVEN WILL’S STRONGEST DETRACTORS ARE FORCED TO RECONSIDER THE CASE AGAINST HIM.

As suggested, the emergence of these crimes will bring up questions concerning Will’s possible innocence as well as the idea of there being a copycat killer out there. But there is also the possibility that the person staging these deliberately reminiscent and elaborate killings is Hannibal himself.

Dr. Lecter could be actively attempting to slow down Will’s trial or even putting it to a halt. Why would he do this? Especially since he created an elaborate scheme entangling Will in a web of deceit. It would appear that Hannibal’s goal was to get rid of him. Initially he felt threatened by Will and his keen intellect, afterwards, when Will became aware of Hannibal’s “secret”, the motivation became even clearer: Will needed to be silenced and/or discredited. Will’s downfall would protect Hannibal from any accusations that could come his way.

However, Hannibal is truly fascinated by Will and his unique perspective. As his patient, Will makes for an interesting case study. Hannibal’s machinations could be seen as an elaborate scheme to dissect Will’s behavior under pressing circumstances. Will is a lab rat/plaything, being forced into difficult situations and analyzed by the psychopathic doctor. Hannibal’s interest in Will has not been exhausted and nobody is going to take away his favorite toy anytime soon. Also, he might still feel a kind of kinship towards Will. Hannibal explored his feelings of friendship towards Will during the first season (which seemed to be something increasingly rare for the psychiatrist), and it appears that something within him is still drawn to the troubled FBI profiler. He is not done studying him.

So, I’m calling that Hannibal is responsible for this new slew of murders that will effectively halt the ongoing investigation/trial against Will. And is doing so with that objective in mind. We know that Will is not going to end up getting the death penalty (that is if the show gets a third season); he isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. The show revolves around the relationship between Will and Hannibal and will always do so. Hannibal playing with Will’s fate in yet another way is consistent with the series’ M.O and would bring up interesting potential complication.

Who do you think will be the perpetrator of the copycat crimes? Do you think Hannibal would “help” Will out?

Check out the preview: