The Hannibal season 2 trailer has graced us with its presence and boy is it a doozy. The 1st season finale left Will behind bars, finally aware that Hannibal was his nemesis all along. Unfortunately, he was the only one with that information, leaving viewers on the edge of their seats for all of hiatus.

The second season trailer is packed with new information and hints about the direction of the season. Here are some thoughts on the trailer”

  • Jack Crawford seems obnoxiously committed to believing that Will is a serial killer. He says, “Will Graham is either delusional or a psychopath. Neither which I can trust.” There couldn’t possibly be a third option.
  • Hannibal is going to allow Jack to investigate him. The theme of season two is basically Jack Sucks.
  • Dr. Chilton will be back and sassier than ever.
  • The trailer featured a really haunting version of Stand By Me that could essentially be Will’s theme song.
  • The trailer features an amazing fight sequence between Hannibal and Jack that MUST be a fantasy sequence. Otherwise, would they really spoil something that pivotal in a trailer?
  • A lot of the clips were re-used from the gruesome crimes of season 1. However, I have no doubt that they’ll top themselves this year.

The trailer made me more excited than ever for the next season. I can’t wait to see Will VS Hannibal and Jack VS Common Sense.

What were your thoughts on the trailer?