Hannibal’s much anticipated season two premiere sure opened with a smash. Beginning 12 weeks in the future, we are treated with the sort of epic fight scene that only a food-obsessed, epically violent show like Hannibal could deliver.

We begin with Jack Crawford coming into Hannibal Lector’s kitchen during what was presumably a nice dinner meeting. (Hannibal smiles like they’ve been getting along.) But Jack’s face is filled with quiet anger. In Red Dragon, Will discovers that Hannibal is a killer by seeing his drawings and putting the clues together. Could Jack’s discovery be similar?

Things that happen during the fight:

  • Hannibal throws a knife straight into Jack’s hand. And from across the room! Nice aim, buddy.
  • Jack throws Hannibal into a glass cabinet.
  • Hannibal hits Jack with a sauce pan and a pepper grinder.
  • Hannibal uses an apron to use Jack’s weight against him.
  • Hannibal slams Jack’s face with the fridge door.
  • Jack uses the cutting board as a shield.
  • Jack strangles Hannibal with his tie.
  • Hannibal stabs Jack in the neck with a glass shard before Jack runs for cover in the wine room. Of course Hannibal has a wine room.

Overall, it was a great use of the kitchen setting. All of the major kitchen tools were used in some capacity. It was so quintessentially this show that it was the perfect way to open. Now we only need to wait 12 weeks to discover how they get to that point.