The hit Showtime series, Californication is back for its sixth season with an amazing lineup of guest stars (like Marilyn Manson) and more comedic dark struggles for Hank Moody (played by Golden Globe winner David Duchovny), whom we have unfortunately grown to love.

The first episode begins when Hank wakes up in the hospital after his ex, Carrie, unsuccessfully tried to kill him with a deadly ‘you broke my heart, you son-of-a b&*$%’ cocktail. Sadly, she also had a taste of her own medicine and will not be waking up ever again from her booze induced ride on the crazy train. Only in his dreams will Hank ever see Carrie again and trust us, she will appear frequently in his dreams throughout the season.

Normally a functioning alcoholic and half-devoted father, Hank had taken a turn for the worst over the last month and has become a full blown ‘disasterpiece’, drinking himself into a daily daze, triggering his best friend, Charlie to take action into his own hands. Although Hank gets offended by his request to help and gives him a good punch in the face, he ends up crawling back into the safety of Charlie’s house to be tended to. Not before crawling into bed with the neighbor’s son, offering him some cash and telling him that he was the tooth fairy, which sparked a scream and a whole lot of embarrassment for Charlie.

After Hank wakes up, crawls into Charlie’s living room and pees in a bottle because it was closer than going to the bathroom, Charlie gets the bright idea to bring Hank to visit famed rocker Atticus Fetch aboard his private jet to see if he can turn his situation around. When Hank climbs aboard and sees the baby grand piano, fireplace and scantily clad flight attendants attending to more than just Atticus’ drinks and safety aboard the flight, he immediately knows this was a bad idea. With Charlie’s approval, Atticus pitches the idea of turning Hank’s novel, A Crazy Little Thing Called Love, into a Broadway musical, which Hank despises. He tells Atticus he is not a fan of his music, calls him pompous and pukes in his drug stash. That meeting did not go as Charlie had planned.

Things aren’t getting any better for Hank and his drinking problem when his daughter, Becca, tells him that she wants to quit college and become a writer like her old man. Ironically, he thinks that is a horrible idea and tries to convince her she is making a mistake. Sadly, her daughter is as headstrong as her father and will not change her mind making Hank drink more and prompting “the worst intervention ever” as Hank called it. Although Marcy ended up talking about her own problems rather than Hank’s during the staged intervention, Hank does agree to enter rehab- probably because the name of the treatment center is ‘Happy Endings.’