An orthodox Jewish couple who opened their Queens, New York home for the cast and crew of Drew Barrymore's new movie "Going the Distance" demanded producers replace their grill and kitchen utensils after learning an inconsiderate crewmember had used the kitchen to cook a hamburger.

Barrymore and real-life on/off boyfriend Justin Long filmed a sex scene in the apartment, which doubled as the home of the actress' sister in the movie, played by Christina Applegate - and made out naked on the dining room table.

The owners had no problems with the sex scene, but were horrified when they realized someone had cooked a burger in the house.

Long explains, "They were incredibly sweet people... and we did one scene where we had to eat around this dinner table and we were eating these hamburgers and the prop guy was making the burgers on the grill that the orthodox couple owned and they found out and they got very upset about it.

"They took issue with it because it was not kosher food and it had touched their grill, so they wanted the studio to replace the grill, which they did, and they wanted to replace any utensil that had touched the grill. That's how serious these people were.

"Somebody, while we were shooting the sex-on-their-dining-room-table scene, raised the point, 'Well, if they had a problem with that meat...' We did take after take."

And Long reveals the "c--k sock" he was given to cover up his manhood was so uncomfortable he chose not to use it.

He adds, "My boys are just all over the place... and Christina Applegate said, 'I'm pretty sure Justin's balls have been blessed by a Rabbi.'"

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