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Editor of popular Swedish website Rebecca Simonsson. Oh right, in a bikini. - Holy Taco

Sean Penn & Natalie Portman? Making out? WTF? - Pop on the Pop

All sorts of (awesome) Boob products (mildly NSFW) -

"I feel like Alice in Wonderland. It is even more special because I've struggled to get where I am. I have collected some souvenirs, the silliest things - like a little sign saying, 'Reserved for Freida Pinto' that was on the table at the Golden Globes." Slumdog Millionaire star Freida Pinto on her red carpet experiences.

This guy has THE LARGEST BALLS on the planet:

Man survived the atomic bombing of Hiroshima. And then went home to Nagasaki, just in time for more. He survived that one too. - geekologie

Creighton University might want to rethink their mascots & mottos - Intentional

RIP: Blender Magazine (seriously, who cares?) -

"I have to admit that I still pinch myself that having started out as Paul McCartney's assistant, I'm now Paul McCartney's friend." Movie mogul Harvey Weinstein still can't believe he's pals with a Beatle.

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Get the full brackets here: Womens | Mens

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Reese Witherspoon looking fan-tastic at the premiere of "Monsters vs. Aliens" - HOT POA

American Idol 8: Predicting Post-Idol Careers - Television Without Pity

Vanessa Hudgens is Gucci Gorgeous - Just Jared Jr.

"I was named after my great-grandmother. If you look it up it's Greek, but my grandmother was apparently named after an Irish Catholic saint, who had an indiscretion with (Greek god) Zeus and was kicked out." Calista Flockhart on the origins of her name.

Greatest gun shop commercial of all time:

You might reconsider hooking up with someone you met online after reading this - NY Daily News

Video: Coolest chameleon ever - Spiked Humor

The New "Fast & Furious" movie website has a hot amateur model competition going on - Fast and Furious

"It's unbelievable. I've been on tour with them since I was nine, but I never thought I could be put into this family any deeper. It's just a huge moment." Drummer Max Weinberg's son Jay after making his debut as Bruce Springsteen's stand-in drummer at a rehearsal show in Asbury Park, New Jersey on Monday night. The younger Weinberg will replace his dad in the E Street Band when Springsteen tours Europe this summer.

Gratuitous Megan Fox Picture Moment:

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