It may be an anomaly, but there are some men in the entertainment biz today who won't go anywhere without their guyliner. We can't help but notice that out of the few to publicly don make-up, the ones who wear it so well make the guyliner quotient go up big time! There are also some guyliner looks that are just not making the grade. Let us know what you think!

Jared Leto
Leto, who graduated straight from his acting stint on "My So-Called Life" to lead band man for alternative rockers 30 Second To Mars, looks as if he never leaves home without his guyliner on.

Gerard Way
The newly married Way, lead singer of My Chemical Romance, has certainly perfected the Punk guyliner look to perfection!

Ville Valo
Valo, lead singer of HIM, put Finland on the rock map with his fab guyliner for sure!

Not only has Prince been rocking his guyliner for more than two decades, he takes it one step further for the enhanced Romantic look.

Robert Smith
Smith, who has been wearing his Goth guyliner since the inception of his band The Cure, has been wearing makeup for many years, benefitting his career by making himself look ageless.

Bret Michaels
Michaels has all his vying "Rock of Love 2" potential lady loves jumping through hoops over his "Poison" guyliner.

Johnny Depp
Getting some serious respect in Hollywood the more makeup he wears, Depp wears his guyliner to Oscar perfection no matter what character role he brings to life.

Michael Jackson
Jackson, whose image has has adapted with him throughout the years, now keeps an androgynous guyliner look.

Marilyn Manson
Manson has mastered the horror guyliner look image to a T. Actually, the term should be "shock makeup."

Gnarls Barcley
We love the band, we love the music, but this guyliner look will take some time to get used to.

Boy George
George sashayed his way up to the charts in the 80s with his makeup look; however, these days his guyliner quotient is making us say...hmmm?

What do you think of the guyliner phenomenon? Make a comment!

By Claudine Paul
Starpulse contributing writer