Okay, so Starpulse ran an article on February 21 titled "Guyliner: Hot Or Not? You Decide," but we left a number of big names off of that list-- enough, in fact, to make a second list of more men who publicly wear the dark penciling around their eyes.

Some find it sexy and attractive, while others find it downright disgraceful; but in either case there are plenty of guys doing it lately. While our first article may have taken a positive slant on the issue at hand, this writer is only creeped out by these men who are obviously more concerned with their image than anything else. Some are legends and some you've never heard of, but they all have one thing in common: a creepiness factor. Here's 'Guyliner Version 2.0.'

#10. Tie: Keith Richards and Criss Angel
The Rolling Stones guitarist may, in fact, be the inspiration for Johnny Depp's Captain Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbean (1, 2 and 3) not only in voice and demeanor, but in looks as well. Scarf headband? Check. Boots? Check. Eyeliner? Check. Heck, Keith Richards may even be a pirate himself!

Criss Angel is perhaps the greatest illusionist of this generation and his mind boggling tricks get better and better; and naturally his goth appearance plays a major part in the inclusion of guyliner in his public persona. He comes off as a great person on his television show, Mindfreak, but if you caught any of his NBC reality show, "Phenomenon," you most likely caught a glimpse of how arrogant he is about his art.
Creepiness factors: 2 of 10

#9. Turbonegro
With one of the worst band names in the history of rock it's no surprise that these Norwegian knuckleheads (influenced by Alice Cooper, Motley Crue and Quiet Riot) not only douse themselves in 'guyliner' but lay on the lipstick a bit heavily also. Lead singer Hank Von Helvete even takes things beyond the level of his bandmates as he paints his entire face into something of a cross between Cooper, The Crow, King Diamond, Gene Simmons and a really bad Keith Haring painting; but the rest of the band makes up for it by dressing up in over-the-top costumes to make them look like the Village People of your worst nightmares. In the end though, Turbonegro is just another band that likes to play dress-up.
Creepiness factor: 8 of 10

#8. Nikki Sixx
Well, we could include the whole Crue here, but it's bassist Nikki Sixx who lays it on the lashes the most from these 80s rockers. Sure Vince Neil, Tommy Lee and Mick Mars have had their share, but Vince rarely enhances his eyes with makeup these days and guitarist Mars is always wearing dark shades, making it impossible to tell in the first place. He's also the group's elder, at 53, and after suffering his whole life from a degenerative bone disease and recent hip replacement surgery there's more important things to worry about than eyeliner. And drummer Tommy Lee obviously prefers his ink to be permanent. Nikki Sixx on the other hand, is still keeping Revlon in business. On any given day Sixx can be seen with massive black circles painted around his eyes and on his eyelids, and when he's onstage he lays thick eye black across both cheeks like a baseball player would.
Creepiness factor: 2 of 10

#7. Joel & Benji Madden (and some other dude) from Good Charlotte
This punk-pop outfit seems to be synonymous with 'guyliner.' In fact, one specific writer penning this article right now believes that guyliner is the number one reason this five-piece is successful in the first place. Band leading twins Joel and Benji Madden took a page right from fellow pop-punk Avril Lavigne's book of how to lay it on thick. Couple it with all the tattoos, emo-boy haircuts and enough metal in their faces to attract lightning, and you've got a (dare I go with the obvious pun here) shocking looking group of guys. And who would've know they were inspired by the Beastie Boys?
Creepiness factor: 7 of 10