"I am not your average girl," Guinevere told us. "I am definitely a tomboy. I like crazy things like Star Wars and Star Trek and zombies. My songs all tell stories, the videos and the lyrics. And I'm Canadian!"

This uniqueness is particularly apparent when it comes to the video for her new single, "Ran For My Life." It features a whole lot of zombies terrorizing the pop singer, who fights them off with aplomb. And in a special interactive version, featured on her website, audiences can choose the methods by which she dispatches them as the video plays on.

How exactly did Guinevere come up with this concept? "After I recorded 'Ran For My Life,' I just kind of sat down, put my headphones on and listened to the track. It just kind of came to me," she explained. "I wrote out a treatment. Each scene, I kind of pictured out what it would be like. I met up with the director and he was able to literally put the words that I wrote right to the screen.

"Obviously, [the song] wasn't written about what would happen if I was attacked by zombies," she continued. "It's an extreme way of putting what it would be like to be in an abusive relationship and getting out of that. The actual song itself is very dark; I thought why not make a zombie-type video, because it just fits so perfectly with the tone of the music."

Though the subject matter of the song is serious, making the video was anything but grim. "It was so much fun. There were times [where] right before you do a take, there's an actual human dressed up as a zombie, [and] you kind of laugh. There was definitely a lot of that," Guinevere said, though she admitted to being spooked on one occasion. "You know the scene where it's the wall of hands? I was like 'I really can't move right now. This is really happening. I feel like I'm being attacked.' There was a little bit of real fear!"

You can check out the video for yourself below.

With the zombie horde behind her, Guinevere is hard at work writing and recording more music, hoping to get at least one more song out by the end of this year. And when she's not creating her next hit, she's likely pursuing her next adventure in pop culture. "I'm really into sci-fi, just everything," she enthused. "I love Stargate SG-1. Quantum Leap. I have a lightsaber. I just bought a sword for Halloween, because I was a knight.

"I have records back home; I'm a big fan of 60's and 70's music," continued the singer, who's also a former hockey player. "I'm a big gamer; I'm a really big fan of Halo. Really love [Call of Duty] Black Ops. There's an option on Black Ops 2 where you can actually fight zombies." We'd bet she's pretty awesome at it, too.

Though while she might be talented at dispatching the undead, Guinevere isn't so poised when it comes to her favorite musicians. "When I went to the Grammys last year, all of a sudden I look over my shoulder and Dave Grohl is right there," she confided, laughing. "I just ran the other way because I didn't know what I would say to him!"

You can download Guinevere's music now on iTunes. For more information, visit her official website (thisisguinevere.com) and follow her on Twitter (@thisisguinevere).

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