Like the Da Vinci Code suggests, religion as we know it today has, in fact, kept secrets from humanity for over 2000 years. There is undeniable proof that further truths exist than what this film suggests, which have been hidden from the world for ages. The renowned singer/actress Martita Roca of 'Love For Rent' (HBO) can attest to this with great evidence, and has indicated she will not stop until the entire planet learns about these mysteries that are now being decoded.

Not only is the talented Latin Artist leading Miami protests that confront the lies 'religion' has sold to the world, but she has also dedicated her life and new album "Angelical" to this purpose. Over 40 protests have taken place in 13 countries so far and "this is just the beginning", acclaims the Guatemalan-born star, "...we are millions and this Truth will reach all corners of Earth."

Recently, religious concepts are being challenged and destroyed by the Truth and evidences that are arising worldwide in addition to the Da Vinci Code. Dr. Jose Luis de Jesus Miranda, Jesus Christ the Man, is revealing these Truths and Martita Roca's music discloses these mysteries that only He can unveil.

What Truths have been untold? For example, the world must find out that the same Founder of the actual religious system, the Apostle Peter, utilized deceitful mechanisms to keep the world in darkness. In fact, there is proof that the same disciples of Jesus of Nazareth, were responsible for the murder of the Apostle Paul. But there is more, much more. Martita Roca is a participant of the "SHUT MOUTHS" project that reveals this information and stands against the religious system on a worldwide level. Despite international opposition, persecution, and mockery - this is an indestructible kingdom that NO ONE can stop.

The world has witnessed a mere taste of this. May 5, 2006 marked a historical moment where the country of Honduras was impacted by the controversial and much-anticipated visit of Jesus Christ the Man, Dr. Jose Luis de Jesus Miranda. Through nation-wide media coverage and Headlines news, the entire nation quickly learned about His arrival for the Worldwide Seminary Honduras 2006. The impact? His message is so ground-shaking that the government of Honduras, in association with Religion, attempted to suspend His entrance into the country, and even prohibited his scheduled Honduras protest, in which thousands of international travellers planned to participate. "My purpose," he explains, "is to close down every church so the true church can begin. You could say I'm leading the greatest reformation that has ever happened."

Despite people's murmurs, Martita will continue to "Shut Mouths" (Titus 1:11). In the same manner as in the days of Noah, where people mocked him as he constructed an arc in a place where it rarely rained - he had faith in God's forewarning of a flood, and kept building. God is on Earth, living among us and all eyes shall see him.

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