A creepy stunt driver whose taste for stalking lovely young ladies gets him into big trouble when he tangles with the wrong gang of badass babes. Their confrontation escalates to an extended mano-a-mano car chase with one of the girls strapped to the hood of a thundering Dodge Challenger.

Dressed in the excessive and sensationalistic style of the cult exploitation genre, Kurt Russell (Poseidon, Escape From New York) stars as a stuntman turned psycho serial killer who stalks his victims from behind the wheel of a roving, revving, racing death machine, but when he picks on the wrong group of badass babes, all bets are off in an adrenaline-pumping, high speed vehicular duel of epic proportions.

Nearly 30 minutes longer than the original theatrical version, the Unrated Extended cut includes footage never-before-seen domestically, including the conspicuous ‘missing reel’ of Vanessa Ferlito’s lap dance, and a black-and-white segment in the second ‘act,’ offering a prelude to Russell’s Stuntman Mike character.

Death Proof is director Quentin Tarantino's half of cult/exploitation double feature Grindhouse. Planet Terror, director Robert Rodriguez' half, comes to DVD October 16.

'Death Proof' Unrated & Extended Version Special Features:
· Finding Quentin’s Gals
· The Guys Of Death Proof
· Kurt Russell As Stuntman Mike
· Introducing Zoe Bell
· Quentin’s Greatest Collaborator: Editor Sally Menke
· Double Dare Trailer
· And International Poster Gallery

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