Back at the Spice Shop, Rosalee and Juliet work tirelessly to craft enough antidote to cure all of the newly rounded-up zombies. Juliet expresses her frustrations at not being able to administer and make the antidote quickly enough to save all of the poisoned Portlanders. Monroe accidentally knocks over a vial containing what I would consider to be a semi-hazardous looking substance which aerates and forms a yellowy cloud over their workbench, which leads Rosalee to an epiphany. If they could aerate the antidote, it could be administered to more people more efficiently. Monroe, meanwhile, decides that they should think about taking the fight to the Royals, and intends to organize a few brave men...errr...Wesen, to save Nick.

At the station, Renard calls his confidant back in Austria. He informs him that Eric has taken the Grimm and has began to overstep his bounds. Renard calls into action a plan to take out his half brother. All we know is the plan involves someone called 'Meisner' back in Austria.

Rosalee, Monroe and Juliet manage to create an aerated treatment, which they toss into the cargo containers where Portland SWAT has rounded up all the zombies. The treatment miraculously seems to work, and the once Zombified citizens are returned to their human states.

Also, Nick crashed the plane he was being kidnapped on. Apparently zombie-Grimms are immune to plane crashes, so he walks away mostly unharmed. Samedi and his crew look to be dead or dying, and they have unwittingly unleashed a walking can of kickass-zombie-grimm on the world. Hank and Renard receive word of the crash and head out to find Nick. They find the Pilot and Co-Pilot still alive (and rescued by EMTs) while the Baron is confirmed to be dead. Good riddance, you wicked Wesen.

Zombie-Nick finds his way into a roadside bar and proceeds to unleash all sorts of hell on the patrons after a burly bar-goer grabs his shirt. The bartender calls the police, After Hank receives the distress call he, Rosalee, Renard, Juliet and Monroe make their way to the bar. After the frantic bartender runs from the bar, beseeching Renard and Hank to put Nick down, I'd like to take a moment to reflect on how heartwarming it is to see two wesen, a halfbreed and a couple confused humans, come together to save a common friend. Whether or not he knows it at this point, Nick is in good hands. 

Back at the field of red flowers, Adalind has finished digging her hole with the skull-bashy hammer thing, and is instructed to put Frau Pech's remains into it. Adalind stands up after burying Pech's heart and extremities, waiting to see if her powers have been returned. Slowly at first, the field of flowers begins to die and spectral hands reach up from the burial site, embracing Adalind. Stefania confirms that Adalind has been accepted, and instructs her to pick all the dead flowers. It looks like the ex-hexenbiest is on her way to regaining her powers once more. 

Finally, Nick has fled the bar, but Monroe and Hank work dutifully to track him with Monroe's keen Wesen sense of smell. Monroe's sense of smell is hindered as Nick's scent has been altered by his zombification. Monroe and Hank struggle to keep on Nick's track, hoping that they can get to him before Nick really hurts someone. Incidentally, Nick finds a house and hears children, and the episode ends with him peering towards an innocent family with bloodlust in his eyes.

TL;DR Version

• Grimm is back!

• Nick gets turned into a Grimm-Zombie

• Grimm-Zombies aren't fun for anyone

• The Cracher-Mortel is dead (Good riddance, you dick.)

• Rosalee & Juliet together make a good team

• Nonlethal Anti-Zombie remedy saves Portlandians

• Renard has a hit out on his half brother, Eric

• Adalind may be getting her powers back sometime soon

Next Week - S3: E2, PTZD.

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