The third season of Grimm is here, and wastes no time jumping right back into the action where the last season left off. Nick gives chase to the Cracher-Mortel, the Wesen hired by Captain Renard's royal half-brother, Eric. The Cracher, called Baron Samedi, has been using his venomous spit to turn the good people of Portland into mindless thralls. Samedi gives Nick a pretty decent run for his money, manages to lure him into a shipping container, and spit up a load of zombie-flem into his eyes. Nick falls into a catatonic state, just in time for Eric to meet Samedi and gloat over his zombified prize.

Meanwhile, Rosalee, Juliet and Monroe are tasked with escaping the horde of the Baron's zombie slaves. They hop into Nick's Jeep and manage to shake off most of them, but slam their vehicle into a container during evasive maneuvers, wrecking it. They manage to get to higher ground, but only just - and with the zombified Portlandians hot on their heels. 

Hank and Sergeant Wu momentarily rejoice over Hank's mastery of walking unaided by crutches, before they get an urgent call from Juliet, begging that they make their way to the container yard, where there is a new outbreak of zombies. Wu and Hank scramble the troops and make for the docks.

Captain Renard makes his appearance snooping around, spying on his half-brother Eric and the Baron as they haul Nick away in a coffin. As they drive away, Renard is confronted by the zombies and, in rare form, unleashes his inner Zauberbiest to fight them off. Hank and Wu arrive with the cavalry just in time to save Nick's fiance and stranded friends on top of the container. Mid-battle, Hank calls Renard, who informs him that Nick has been taken by Eric.  Renard picks up Juliet, Rosalee, Monroe & Hank and tells them that the Baron and Eric are trying to smuggle Nick out of the Country, and that all of the pandemonium they have created has been an elaborate smokescreen in order to get at him. 

While things look...well, grim, Rosalee offers an interesting bit of insight, saying that she wasn't sure what Nick's reaction to the Cracher-Mortel's toxin would be, considering that Grimms aren't exactly "normal." As suspected, Nick wakes up in a zombie-Grimm-badass-mode and goes on to whup every ass on the plane mid-flight.

In the old country, Adalind Schade and the duplicitous Stefania perform a cardiectomy on the still-warm Frau Pech. After Adalind removes Pech's hands and feet, she and Stefania take a walk in the woods, with a suspiciously large hammer, that looks like it would be very useful for cracking skulls wide open. With the help of a strange black-magic frisbee, Stefania finds the location where Adalind will need to go to reclaim her lost power - a field of red flowers.