At the behest of Juliet, Nick sees a doctor to make sure that his strange near-death experience wasn't anything severe. Nick quickly finds out that his body is behaving anything but normal. No matter how far the doctor pushed him during his endurance test, Nick's body hardly reacted. It was as if Nick had become super human. Nick and Juliet sit down and talk about his condition, which doesn't sound all too bad. Nick says he feels more aware and more in control. Though Juliet is still worried, she persuades Nick to just remain calm.

Monroe and Rosalee are out for another adorably awkward dinner date, when Monroe pops the 'would you like to move in with me' question to Rosalee. He is fortuitously interrupted by a waiter, who brings them a meal, compliment of the chef. Monroe sacks up, tells Rosalee he loves her and asks her to move in with him. Rosalee agrees, and tells him that his feelings are reciprocated. Happy sighs of relief all around. Just after, an old friend of Monroe's enters the restaurant, who Monroe introduces to Rosalee as Sam, and his fiance, Kimber.

Shortly thereafter we're treated to a short scene of a man, running through the woods, with what appears to be severe intestinal distress. He unbuttons his shirt to reveal something is writhing within his gut. He starts to ascend a tree, where he volks into a Blutbad, and his stomach bursts open in a mist of gore.

Nick and Hank are called to the scene where they find the man's body still in the tree, the ground below sprinkled with his guts. The body is identified as Ned Clausterman, from Portland.  An interview with his wife reveals that the two had just happily celebrated their 5 year anniversary and had gone out to dinner just a couple nights before Ned turned up dead. In a nearby park, another dead body in a tree is found.

Captain Renard receives a call from his confidant in Austria. Since the Crown Prince's death, the royal families have started a mini civil war, though Renard's involvement remains unknown. Most chalk Eric's death up to the resistance or lesser noble families. The assassin's involvement still remains unknown. The confidant hangs up the phone, and runs into Adalind Schade, who reveals the confidant's name is Sebastian. Adalind expresses that she is worried about her safety, and Sebastian informs her that she's right to fear. He tells her the one to take Eric's place will inevitably be the last royal standing.

Back at Portland PD, Nick reflects upon the man he killed during his zombie-rage. The memories start flooding back to him in pieces. The man's name was Mitchell Zinc, and he had killed him by turning the man's knife against him during the assault. He confronts Renard, and Renard coldly asks Nick if he's angered by killing someone, or just the fact that the man he killed wasn't a wesen. Clearly, something is bugging Renard if his cool demeanor is so easily lost.

Nick and Hank head to the scene of the next chestbursted victim, this time a woman. Aside from an exploded gut and a tree, the two incidents appear to be unrelated; that is until they search the newest victim's car and find a receipt for a very hoity-toity local restaurant, called 'Raven and Rose'. As it turns out, Clausterman and the latest victim had a meal at the same place just recently.  

On Renard's instructions, Sebastian seeks out Frau Pech, breaking into her house in the Austrian countryside. Renard calls him, and Sebastian offers up his concerns that Frau Pech may have fled the country, or worse. Sebastian tells him that she may have gone to a hotel to talk to a potential buyer for Adalind's unborn child. Renard instructs him to investigate the matter further.

Nick and Hank investigate the restaurant in time to scope out a very angry chef intimidating his kitchen staff, all of whom are bauerswine. It's worth noting that Bauerswine and Blutbad (our first victim) have a tumultuous history of hatred. The chef complies with all of the detectives demands, and Hank and Nick soon find out that neither of the victims ordered the same thing, and that the restaurant serves up only the highest quality foods. The toxicology screens on both victims came back, spotless.