The second episode of this season's Grimm gets off to a running start, continuing with Nick charging the front door of the unlucky family he ran across at the end of the last episode. The family manages to get inside and lock the door in time, but only just. Zombie-Nick punches through, as the father shepherds the women and children into a closet upstairs, as he struggles to find his gun.

Hank and Monroe bust in just in time to stop any real bloodshed, even though the father was badly battered. After suffering two pretty good beatings, the duo manage to lure Nick away from the family, outside and into a barn, where they manage to trap him in time for Renard to arrive with Juliet and Rosalee, who are toting a bigass hypodermic needle in tow.

Nick frees himself from his barn-prison, and quite easily takes on Renard, Hank and Monroe, but is downed when Juliet and Rosalee skewer him with the antidote. Nick falls to the ground and succumbs to shock as the antidote starts to do it's juju. Nick starts going into shock, and Rosalee suggests they get Nick to the shop in case he needs more antidote. They load him into the back of Renard's SUV and head back to the spice shop, leaving just in time for the cavalry to arrive.

Meanwhile, back in Austria, Adalind returns to the gypsy camp with Stefania, who tells her she needs to fill Frau Pech's corpse with the dead flowers. Adalind looks slightly mortified (and to be honest, I have no clue why - she's already disemboweled her and cut off her hands and legs.) Stefania urges her forward and the dead flowers float from Adalind's apron into the gaping chasm of Frau Pech's chest. 

At the spice shop Nick receives a second injection of Antidote, and Renard heads back to the Station to deal with the fallout of all this nonsense. Nick's body starts to wake up -sort of- and while he doesn't harm anyone, Hank handcuffs him to the bed, just in case.

And back to the old country once more as Adalind finished stitching up Pech's now bloated corpse. Stefania tells her that she needs to cut the thread with her teeth, and tie her up, which Adalind does, but not without swallowing a little bit of hexenbiest guts. Her corpse starts to steam and swell and Stefania marvels at how quickly the ritual is working.

Back at Portland PD, Renard receives a blocked text telling him to turn on the news. He boots up his computer and looks at the news to see the headline that his half-brother, Crown Prince Eric's car 'tragically' exploded outside the Vienna International Airport. While Vienna mourns, Portland doesn't. Renard makes a call to the assassin, who tells him that things are bound to get more 'interesting' from here. Sergeant Wu reports in to Renard and informs him one of the patrons in the bar that Nick tore apart, had died from injuries sustained in the fight. So now - there's a manhunt on the loose for 'Thomas Chirac' (the fake name Eric gave to Nick to smuggle him out of the country.) Luckily, Renard had the foresight to wipe the bar surveillance clean when he was chasing after Nick the previous night.