I tend not to play a lot of racing games. Not only because I’m fairly terrible at them, but because they don’t have a story. I play games for the narrative. (These four racing games aside that is.)

But the upcoming GRID 2 tries to appeal to players like me with a “narrative wrapper.” Sure, it’s a loose fitting story, but it’s there to drive you (pun intended) from race to race.

In the game, you’ll be the star driver for entrepreneur Patrick Callahan who wants to create the World Series of Racing (WSR) that, like mixed martial arts, will show what happens when the best of one kind of racing goes up the best of another. There’s even an ESPN partnership to showcase how this would work in the real world.

Your goal in GRID 2 is to make the WSR a legitimate body of motor sports across five separate “seasons.” As you begin the game, crowds will be sparse, but social media “cut scenes” will show how your victory helps grow them over the course of the game. You’ll play across four separate vehicle groups, engage with real-world sponsors and try to recruit racers to come join the WSR. How do you recruit them? Defeat them in a race of their choosing of course.

Just as your crowds will grow over the course of your game, so will your garage hub where you work on your cards and decide where to go next. GRID 2 will take players from Abu Dhabi to Chicago to Paris the California Coast across city streets, mountain roads and even licensed tracks. Players will take control of cards from the BMW E30 M3 Sport Evolution to the Chevrolet Camaro Z28 RS SS 1970—if I was a car person, I’m sure this would be something to me, right?

Online is very distinct from single player as progression does not carry over. I only had a chance to try the single player at a recent preview event. I have to admit up front that the handling felt very accurate. In other words—I hit the wall a lot. Damage is very realistic in the game, as afterwards, I could see bits of my car breaking off, holes in the side and more.

GRID 2 launches on May 28 in North America on Windows PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.