Did you whip out the Kleenex and hold your bestie ‘person’ tight last to mark the final farewell of the twisted sisters on “Grey’s Anatomy?” I hope so ‘cause the season 10 finale was a real shocker. Good thing you had your fellow Grey’s binge watcher’s shoulder to cling too, right? What’s that? No, no, no a Snuggie and vodka shots weren’t good replacements. Other than being kick ass surgeons Meredith and Cristina have taught us—through a bomb in chest cavity, a broken LVAD, hospital shooting and a plane crash—how long lasting friendships survive. So, here are 10 ways YOU can be someone’s person:

For starters, and the most obvi, you’ve got to be trustworthy. Seriously, like, reliable enough to put it in writing. Hence Cristina adding Mer’s name on her hospital contact list.

Be protective. I’m talking mama lion-to-cub protective of any dangers that’ll come your person’s way. Make sure you stand in its or their path.

Develop a language only you and your person speak. Non-verbal communication is a good sign of each other’s wants and needs. And it’ll be so effin’ weird no one can replicate it (looking at you, Derek.)

Have your person’s back. Could be literally, like Mer and Cristina, or figuratively. As long as you stand by their side in the best of times and worst of times.

Agree to Dis-agree in Arguments. There will be fights. There will be yelling and we can pretty much guarantee name calling. But no disagreement is worth throwing in the towel on your person (shade is allowed) no matter how many surgeries get stolen.