I'm gonna complain again. These reviews take too long. Okay let's go go go.

It's Dr. Webber's birthday. He expects people to make a big deal, but nobody does. In fact, he gets paperwork from Owen that seems to be pushing him towards retirement! He is understandably upset by this, but there is one good thing about this birthday: Bailey has found a patient who had absorbed his twin in the womb! It's incredibly rare. At first, the patient doesn't want to remove the twin, because he knows it's rare and wants to keep it. Webber promises to give him the twin once it's removed. However, once it is out of him, the patient sees how disgusting it is and doesn't want anything to do with it. Webber talks with Catherine Avery about the fact that Owen is trying to push him towards retirement. Catherine tells Webber not to slow down now! Surprise, surprise, there was a party for Webber's birthday after all - Bailey and the rest of the hospital all get together to celebrate with him. Owen offers Webber a position as the head of the educational portion of the hospital. This will mean cutting back on surgeries, but it's actually a promotion, of sorts.

Christina and Shane are working on a clinical trial for their heart valve. Shane wants to help a seventeen-year-old patient who is pregnant, but Christina tells him that she doesn't meet the criteria. This girl gives birth to her baby, but sadly contemplates the fact that her daughter might have to grow up without a mother, since she'll die without a better heart. While dealing with the heart trial, Christina also tries to sign Owen up for dating sites. Owen seems completely uninterested. He finally describes his perfect girl to Christina, and it turns out that his perfect girl is Christina. Owen tells Christina that they should go home together after Webber's party.

Callie sues Derek for the research equipment, but in the end the two of them work together to fight the government. Derek gives the White House an ultimatum and says they can't use the equipment at all unless Callie can continue her research, too. The White House concedes, and Derek and Callie celebrate.

Jackson and April run into trouble when Catherine shows up and yells at them both about their rash marriage. Catherine wants April to sign a contract so that she doesn't go after the Avery money. Jackson is furious, but April agrees to sign it. She also makes Jackson apologize to his mother for getting married without telling her. April and Jackson realize that they have a lot to talk about in terms of their future lives, not the least of which is the faith in which they will raise their kids.

Meredith hires a bio-engineer to help her with the 3-D printer. At first she's protective of it and won't let the guy help, but eventually she realizes that she has to do better, because everyone else is working on amazing surgeries and making real advancements. Alex tries to convince Jo to sign the "love contract," and although at first she won't, eventually she concedes.

Really quick, what did I not like?

Well, the whole surprise birthday thing with Webber was a bit cliche. I feel like I've seen plots like that a thousand times. Also, I was really annoyed with Christina trying to push Owen towards a dating site so heavily. It seemed out of character of her to be so purposefully dense.

But I loved a lot of this episode. Everyone's excitement over the absorbed twin... that was so funny. I loved the plot with Shane and the pregnant girl. I've always loved that actress, and I actually teared up when she was asking for her mom. Callie and Derek overthrew the government! Their relationship is not one I've ever given much though to, but I actually thought the stuff with them was pretty darn adorable.

My favorite bit of the episode, however, was undoubtedly April and Jackson's stuff. It's funny, because I was totally on Jackson's side at first, when his mother was being all angry. But then... I understood where Catherine was coming from! Being an Avery is no small thing, and it's clear that April and Jackson haven't thought about what that means for them or for their children. I'm a bit miffed to hear that April is pro-life. Not because I think it makes her a horrible person or anything, but how does that work with her being a medical professional? I'm very interested to learn more about that.

I'll stop there! I managed to keep this to a manageable length...