Who would have thought "Grey's Anatomy" writers could top the episode where George died after being run over by a bus? Or the episode where a shooter rampaged Seattle Grace Hospital? Well, they topped those episodes. Easily. (Warning: serious spoilers ahead.)

The season eight finale began with several of the doctors dazed, confused, and seriously injured after their plane crashed in the woods. A very pale and gray faced Meredith pulled a large sliver out of her leg before beginning the hunt for her husband Derek, who Cristina (with a serious shoulder injury) said was sucked out of the side of the plane before they landed. Luckily, Derek survived, but his precious surgical hand was crushed after he smashed it with a rock in order to release it from being stuck in the wing of the plane.

Arizona dealt with a serious leg wound, making her incapable of moving, while she comforted the pilot nearby who was stuck in the cockpit and couldn't feel his legs.

Lexie was trapped and her lower body completely crushed under one of the engines. Mark tried to convince her she would be fine. But he eventually realized the direness of the situation and admitted he still loved her. In a heartbreaking scene he planned their future together - which included marriage and babies.

Lexie didn't make it, and Mark nearly joined her in the great beyond before Cristina, Derek and Meredith did MacGyver-like surgery to release blood that was building up in his chest.

Back at the hospital, work went on as usual for the rest of the Seattle Grace crew who were completely unaware of the plane crash.  Alex tried to justify why he chose to work at Johns Hopkins instead of staying with pediatrics in Seattle. Callie prepared for Arizona's return by planning a romantic evening. Miranda fought with her fiance for accepting an internship out of state. April hashed out her mixed feelings about losing her virginity to Jackson. And Owen fired Teddy so she could move on from the death of her husband.

In one of the final scenes, Owen listens to his voicemail and realizes his doctors are missing. Richard, April and Jackson also wait patiently at dinner for the other interns to arrive.

The episode ended with a lot of unanswered questions. Will Derek and Meredith still move to Boston? Will Arizona, who was coughing up blood, be okay? Will Mark be able to move on after Lexie's death?  Unfortunately, we'll have to wait until the fall to find out.