Shortly after Derek's surgery, Drs. Weber, Shepherd and Torrez gathered around Mark Sloan's bed to remove him from life support. Christina, as expected, did not make it on the plane to see Derek's first surgery and to be at the hospital when Sloan was removed from the machines. Jackson Avery, Sloan's prodigee, sat outside the room with Dr. Grey while the heartbreaking scene took place. Derek and Cali sat grieving at Sloan's bedside waiting for nature to take it's course. Although she tried to support her husband, Grey couldn't take sitting there and told Dr. Weber she was going to get on a plane and see Christina. Slowly, more and more of the staff arrive outside Sloan's room. Sadly, Meredith seems to have an anxiety attack as the plane begins to take off and demands to be let off the plane.

Typical Grey's Anatomy fashion, during a heartbreaking moment waiting for Sloan to die, Alex Karev informms Miranda Bailey of her new nickname - BCB - Booty Call Bailey. A direct result of the interns noticing her "happy mood" when her fiance, Ben arrives.

And the final scene, as Cali is grieving the loss of her child's father and her best friend, she enters Arizona's bedroom demanding she get up out of bed. She tells Arizona, "Get up, I can't do this alone." The fans are left with a shocking picture of Arizon's amputation as Arizona blames Cali for removing her leg.

According to Entertainment Weekly editor Lori Majewski, Grey's Anatomy has a considerable impact on culture. She has written"Grey's Anatomy isn't just a show, it's a phenomenon. When the final shows air, every place in New York City is empty. You could get a table at the best restaurants."

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