Doctors treat sick patients all the time, but what happens when the doctors of Grey's Anatomy become the patients? We found out in this week's episode after a nasty flu made its way around the hospital.

After a patient sneezes on Arizona, she immediately knows that she'll be sick later in the day. Apparently it's some sort of sixth sense she's developed, which Alex mocks her about. She's not the only one, though - the hospital becomes overrun with patients dealing with flu-like symptoms and the staff starts to (literally) fall down one by one.

Arizona’s intuition forces her to move up her surgeries, including one with Alex and Dr. Oliver Lebackes, a private practice doctor. Lebackes, a confident pediatric surgeon, is nicknamed “Dr. Butthole” by Alex due to his specialty. Alex doesn’t initially care for the doctor, but his opinions change once he offers Alex an enticing opportunity to join his practice. The job would pay well, help Alex pay off his mounting student loan debt and could give him the flexibility to do more of what he wants to do in his field. Decisions, decisions.

Jackson is the first doctor to fall ill and he’s forced to go home, leaving Bailey and April responsible for his patient, Braden, also known as the “bubble boy.” Derek, who boasts that he never gets sick, starts to feel like he might before his surgery with Braden, so he wears a protective suit in surgery to shield the boy from his germs. After surgery, Derek is far too sick to give his research presentation to the world renowned scientists, so Meredith presents her version of his speech on his behalf and records it for him to see.

Cristina aimed to spend her day with her clinical trial patients but gets sidetracked when she learns her heart transplant patient’s sister is plagued with the same heart issue. As Cristina and Owen scramble to find answers for the family, Cristina puts Shane in charge of her patients. When Shane fears he may be getting sick, he hands off the responsibilities to Stephanie but later takes credit for the work. Shane gets the save, but he now owes Stephanie.

Richard encourages the first-years to push through, even if they don’t feel well. Leah is the first to fall and ends up getting sick in surgery with Richard and Meredith, making her the joke of the group. Jo works with Callie in ortho after her patient breaks his arm. After a successful day together, Callie believes she might have found her new protégé in Jo.

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