As a result of Catherine Avery’s big purchase for her son, Jackson now has the deciding vote amongst the group, much to everyone’s dismay. When he comes in late for their first official meeting together as a board, Meredith, Derek, Cristina, Callie and Arizona appear extremely annoyed. Jackson brings donuts as a peace offering, but the group is not impressed with his – well, the Harper Avery Foundation’s – ideas for the hospital. Although Jackson insists it could take a month or so to reach a decision about the ER reopening, the Harper Avery Foundation is adamant on getting new leadership to “boost morale,” meaning Owen could soon be out of a job. Everyone angrily storms out of the meeting, except for Meredith and Cristina, who express their concerns to Jackson over the foundation’s upcoming plans. “Well, yeah, nobody expected you guys to sue the hospital,” he says. Meredith shoots back:“Over the plane crash that sued Lexie?” Ouch.

Richard shares his concerns about Jackson’s new role with Catherine, who seems to think this whole thing was Richard’s idea. Catherine defends Jackson, explaining that he’s perfectly capable of this position and she won’t take orders from her boyfriend. (We get it, Richard. Who wouldn’t be concerned if their girlfriend’s son became their boss?)

Cristina finds Owen, who’s working to get the full staff of nurses back, to warn him that the foundation wants him out as Chief of Surgery. He angrily approaches Jackson, asking “Am I in or am I out?” Jackson tries to explain until Derek swoops in, urging the two to take this discussion somewhere else. Derek asks Jackson to leave so he can chat with Owen, but Owen feels that he’s being lied to yet again, especially from someone who went behind his back. When things get ugly between the two, Derek assures Owen he doesn’t want to “get into who’s responsible for this.” Owen angrily tells Jackson he quits.

Alex spends most of his day avoiding Jo after he sees her with Jason, better known as Chest Peckwell, in the elevator. Instead, he works with a patient who’s finally getting her long awaited kidney transplant. Jo joins Meredith on her trip to retrieve Alex’s patient’s kidney. On the plane, Jo defends Alex after Meredith calls him a baby, explaining it’s hard for him because he feels that everybody left him in the dark.

When the two arrive to pick up the kidney, Meredith tells Jo to mind her own business when it comes to her personal conversations. When they enter the ER, the two are surprised to learn that the surgical team gave the organ to someone else. They later learn that Pegasus protocol dictates that the organ flies coach in order to save surgeons time. This would have been helpful to know in the beginning, before Jo practically attacked a woman who she thought had Alex’s patient’s kidney.

As the kidney is on its way back, Alex gets his patient to hear him out after she locks herself in the bathroom out of fear. When she explains she’s not ready for this, Alex insists she should “take it before someone else does.” He takes this opportunity to tell the young patient about his situation with Jo, which makes sense to us but not the patient, who questions if he’s hitting on her.

The board is faced with a problem when there are several transplant surgeries to do, but no coordinator since Owen is gone. Derek elects Cristina to oversee the transplants. Cristina takes this opportunity to criticize Derek for constantly throwing the plane crash in Owen’s face, which he denies.

Cristina finds herself in the crosshairs of an argument between two of her patients. One is walking around but the other is stuck waiting for a transplant. The two were friends but stopped talking after one slept with the other’s wife, but the tempers flare up once one patient learns he’s getting his long awaited transplant. When Cristina offers one of her patient’s the other’s “leftover organs,” he denies it, but Cristina assures him to just get over it and live better than him, with his organs.

April becomes disheartened when she learns Bradley, one of her former coworkers at Mercy West, wants to donate his organs, therefore ending his life. She reminds him that there are other options available, but he’s set on a donation after cardiac death (DCD). Instead of hearing her out, Bradley fires April, but later reinstates her after she tells his family how many patients he’ll be helping with his upcoming transplant.

Meanwhile, Jackson appears to be drowning in his new position. Everyone comes to him but he doesn’t seem to have the answers they’re looking for, especially Bailey, who seeks help understanding the protocols of the hospital set forth by Pegasus. Jackson later overhears Richard telling his mom that “if he fails at this, it will follow him for the rest of his life.”

All of the transplants are running smoothly until Alex and Cristina double book an OR. Jackson steps up and gives Cristina the OR and assigns Alex to holding because his patient is not emergent. He tells April that her patient in the other OR can take as long as he needs.

When Jo asks Alex to scrub in, he says no, causing her to storm off. Meredith takes this opportunity to approach Alex, asking him if an apology is what he wants. Meredith continues to tell him that Jo fought so hard for him today, so he needs to drop his attitude. Alex later finds Jo and Jason at Joe’s and joins them. He apologizes for his actions earlier and offers to buy Jo a drink, but she declines, since she already has a drink.

Derek visits Owen at the trailer to talk to him about what he said earlier. Derek explains that he’s been pissed, but not at Owen, the world. He’s pissed at Mark. Owen explains he has to let that go.

Richard still isn’t convinced with Jackson’s work to date, but tells Catherine he made it through the day. Catherine apologizes for overstepping, explaining that she’s been a single mom for years and the minute she finds someone who sincerely cares about her son she bites his head off.

Jackson, Meredith, Derek, Cristina, Callie and Arizona sign the documents officially making them the new board of directors at the hospital. Before the group heads out, Jackson shares his top priorities with everyone moving forward: Owen will be reinstated as Chief, the OR will be up and running soon and the Harper Avery Foundation will now follow the board’s lead and not the other way around. After a heartwarming speech, Jackson proposes one more thing. He’d like to rename the hospital the Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital, in honor of Lexie and Mark. The group votes for the change, marking it the end of Seattle Grace (as we know it).

What did you think of this week’s episode? What do you think about the hospital’s new name?